The Angband Ladder: Isir II, Elf Mage by Ingwe Ingweron

Posted on 1.10.2015 13:49
Last updated on 2.10.2015 01:06

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6376. on the Ladder (of 18808)
2706. on the Angband Ladder (of 6395)
56. for this player (out of 110)


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On 1.10.2015 13:49 Ingwe Ingweron wrote:
Avenged the death of his father. Isir II has killed Saruon. But, with only 717 hp's and low healing consumables, it will be some time before he can try taking on Morgoth. His Con is already maxed up quite a lot (+13 equipment), but at CL42 his hp's are still low. Saruon went down mostly to Holy Might arrows and Rift spells when he got too close.

On 1.10.2015 15:00 Ingwe Ingweron wrote:
Khamul drops The One Ring! Have to think about taking on the Big Boss now. :)

On 2.10.2015 00:30 Ingwe Ingweron wrote:
Spent some time hunting uniques after killing Sauron to try and level-up hp's. On DL99, @ fell through a trap door without the consumables stored at home for the final battle. Thank goodness it wasn't a forced descent run! Was going to immediately run, but got an "Excellent" treasure feeling. Quaffed !Enlightenment and saw a single cells greater vault on the other side of the dungeon with great treasure. Teleported to close the distance. Had to TO Morgoth a few times on the journey. So glad I stuck around. Dwarven Power Dragonscale Mail!`

On 2.10.2015 01:06 Ingwe Ingweron wrote:
Morgoth finally goes down. I think he summoned more than any other time I've faced him. It was nearly constant. Take a few swings, shots, or spells, and then banish or mass banish. Sometimes several times in a row. Nonetheless, as powerful as @ had become, even with lowish hp's it wasn't very difficult to take out the Big Boss. This @ already has wielded The One. Immediately after this post, @ will don the Massive Iron Crown and there will be a new Dark Lord in town! :)

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