The Angband Ladder: Peona, Thunderlord Polearmmaster by <>

Posted on 25.7.2003 07:06
Last updated on 11.1.2004 17:58

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On 25.7.2003 07:06 wrote:
Assassin. Good potential, but life so far has sucked.

Oh yeah, stealing is also way too easy in this version.

On 10.8.2003 05:43 wrote:
Mormegil just gained Stealth ability. Wow, it rules.

On 11.8.2003 02:53 wrote:
Exp gain is way too easy for anyone with good dodge skill. Averaging 1M exp per 2 minutes farming Greater wall monsters in LoM.

On 11.8.2003 05:48 wrote:
EXP gain is never hard. My Sorcerer/Symbiant has been farming Great Wyrms for loot for a long while now, and has managed to get to 35 million XP while letting other Wyrms do the killing, and a monster lore of around 5.

On 11.8.2003 05:58 wrote:
Ah, but you probably had to pay at least a little attention in micromanaging and what not. Me? Since GWM don't damage me at all, I can just close my eyes, and press the left button for 30 seconds, then switch to right button, and so forth. Every once in a while, I hit 'W' (my macroed key for activating satisfy hunger artifact).

On the other hand, even with my alchemist with 30K HP and >200 AC, I had to pay at least a little attention, and notice when my HP was getting too low, etc.

On 11.8.2003 09:28 wrote:
Maxxed XP on Greater Wall Monsters. Should try to look for better rings now...

On 11.1.2004 01:07 wrote:
My best character yet. Check out the awesome armor, the awesome weapon, the awesome rings, and of course, the awesome bow.

(Here's a hint on how to get a character this good. First, you need a Dungeon Market with a Scroll Shop. Second you need >35 DEX. Set up macros to steal scrolls 5 at a time, and then just steal-scum for a few hours, and you'll end up with something like 100 ?oArtifact Creation and ?oCraftsmanship. ?oCraftsmanship is the thing you really need, which allows you to boost good items into extraordinary ones. The p-val on my bow started at 2, the p-value of my "muting" lance started at 3, and my arrows of +7 extra attacks started at 2 and 5, respectively. AFAIK, pval 7 is the highest you can get with ?oCraftsmanship.)

Also, for the sentient weapons, I think I have it figured out. First I enchanted the Glaive to about (+13, +30) with lots of scrolls, and then I leveled it up ONE LEVEL AT A TIME. This prevents the Glaive from picking up rarer realms, and less realms means less abilities, and less abilities means more enchantment.

Anyway, check it out. There's no doubt in my mind this character is going to kill Melkor. All I need is a couple more Rods of Healing.

On 11.1.2004 03:10 wrote:
Feh. Those are the scummiest tactics I've ever seen. And a ring of extra attacks +13? A bolt of extra attacks +7? Where's your warrior code of honor?

On 11.1.2004 09:34 wrote:
Hey, I didn't make the RoExtraAttacks +13, that was a gift from the RNG in the Speed Ring Shop. I only stayed there for about 15 minutes, because I was only looking for something in the range of 9 or 10.

Warrior code of honor? Hm... I think it's time to go back to the artifactless bookless yeek sorceror then.

On 11.1.2004 20:31 wrote:
Why not ?Craft the HP armor? +140% to HP is always nice

On 12.1.2004 06:44 wrote:
?oCraftsmanship only works on weapons.

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