The Angband Ladder: Adigoder, Half-Ogre Mimic by AmyBSOD

Posted on 19.8.2015 07:55
Last updated on 14.9.2015 10:37

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On 19.8.2015 07:55 AmyBSOD wrote:
This fellow had a very bad start, with 20 green jellies on BDw1 that took literally forever to clear out. In the end I had to buy almost 200 iron shots, most of which are gone now, because the alchemy shop just would not offer any enchant to-dam scrolls. Not sure about the mimicry skill either, which is why I'm using barehanded combat for a while now, but maybe I'll try demonology which Fumblefingers granted me a little skill for already. Also, the complete inability to ever get to positive Manwe piety. What's the secret? Visit the orc caves early and pray all the time, hoping that the piddly 4 points of piety per kill are enough to overcome the gradual piety loss over time? He gave me his first quest at XL3 too, but I fear the young spirits which will always turn on me because I can't see them! ARGH!

On 23.8.2015 10:41 AmyBSOD wrote:
Things are looking good now. The first Orc Cave level is a dungeon town where I bought lots of stat potions, and after a while I also found several nice artifacts so apart from blindness all important resistances are covered. Deathwatch once again failed to generate. Let's hope I can survive Mirkwood this time!

On 24.8.2015 07:43 AmyBSOD wrote:
After lots of vault looting and buying of stat potions, this is what my character looks like now. Had a nasty close call on level 33 of Mirkwood though, where I was one moment short of buying the farm due to a hallucinogen-distorted mind flayer. If my teleportation wand had failed, I'd been dead. Still need to get back there eventually and clear out those 18 Ancient Green Dragons... Also, the game just doesn't feel like giving me items of blindness resistance!

On 27.8.2015 07:50 AmyBSOD wrote:
More vault looting, selling the items for cash and buying stat potions. Still no blindness resistance, and being a barehanded fighter I can't wear the chain mail without severely hampering my damage output...

On 29.8.2015 20:38 AmyBSOD wrote:
Still alive, but I had quite some nasty close calls... a compartment vault had Shudde Mell and the Thing That Should Not Be, and I underestimated the amount of damage Mell can do in a single turn. Barely made it out of there alive. On the same level I also encountered a room with several Tomes of Destruction and stupidly stepped into there, again just barely surviving it; with some careful digging I was able to kill one of them, but then decided it wasn't worth the risk. And of course Manwe's temple was a pain in the butt with those super-powered clear hounds and phantom beasts... almost died "It breathes--More--" style there, and without poison resistance I'd been dead as a doornail, should have genocided the bastards! :P On the bright side, this is now my best character ever so far, making it farther than ever before, and I also got the Best Resistance Everâ„?. I'll never want to play without acid immunity again, since it protects me from the Most Annoying Element Everâ„?. Of course I still have some holes in my setup, and now that the most annoying element in the game can't harm me anymore, I'll want to become resistant to the second most annoying one (disenchantment) too since it's unbearable to lose the hard-earned enchantment points on my equipment! Also, the current Mordor level has a quest for way too many shoggoths, and despite being immune to acid they still hit way too hard...

On 10.9.2015 17:04 AmyBSOD wrote:
Got more firepower and everything, but on the current Mordor level I'm having trouble because the quest is for "good" monsters that take off tons of piety if I kill them... also, leng spiders have to be one of the most annoying monsters ever!!! Is there no hallucination resistance? *sigh*

On the bright side, dungeon town on sacred land of mountains 48! Had an encounter with a time elemental but recovering from its effects wasn't too hard. Oh, and there was a vault on one of those levels too but that was filled with outta-space crap that had levels of 80+... completely impossible to handle them at this point, and I don't think this character will ever be able to do so even in the future because I just can't get no better damage output! :( RIP all the guaranteed excellent items in that vault...

On 14.9.2015 10:37 AmyBSOD wrote:
Well... that came out of nowhere... And the Stormbringer doesn't even look all that formidable when looking at its stats! However, it instantly knocked me out on its first turn and hacked me up while I was a sitting duck. RIP. No idea how I could have prevented that death.

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