The Angband Ladder: Amanar, Dwarf Necromancer by ShadowTechnology

Posted on 1.8.2015 17:04
Last updated on 15.8.2015 06:34

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On 1.8.2015 17:04 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Slow start, but I'm liking the speed and tunneling boost on the Whip of Nogrod.

On 2.8.2015 00:20 debo wrote:
FYI we changed the savefile to something arguably easier to start (hybrid mode)

On 2.8.2015 06:56 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Thanks Debo, but I am using the new file with the non-longbeard dwarf and the hybrid dungeon. I like this one better. Soul Siphon is nice. I tried thrall mode with a high elf necromancer and Unlight a dozen times and never could get a character started.

On 6.8.2015 06:14 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Character progression is slow. Struggling to survive at DL=CL. Using up all my $ to replenish consumables. Found my first stat gain potion, *CON*, on the dungeon floor.

On 12.8.2015 03:55 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL20, DL22. Survival is touch and go, with just enough gold each trip to replenish ?WoR, ?PD, ?TP, IDs, and healing potions. Found an amulet the gives +3 speed and activates for restore stats, but at the cost of -1 to all stats. Alternating as needed with the other amulet.

On 12.8.2015 06:09 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL23, DL26. Down to 3 HP at one point.

On 15.8.2015 06:34 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL25, DL30. Well, I save up some gold, stocked up on healing and escapes, shifted my kit to maximize acid resistance, and went after Mim. I thought a hit-and-run strategy would work, but after a protracted series of encounters I had to flee the level when my consumables ran low. I didn't help when one of his sons walked into the room right behind him. I had Mim down to 5 stars at one point early on, but after that he would heal faster than I could regenerate mana. The real problem is having only 51 SP to work with at CL25. I suppose I could cruise level 29 for kit improvements and gold and try again. Or go play Poschengband for a few days.

On 15.8.2015 10:32 the Invisible Stalker wrote:
Normally I don't try to kill Mim using spells alone. Wands of shrapnel or a nice ranged weapon are good for softening him up or finishing him off.

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