The Angband Ladder: Mort, Human Warrior-Mage by wobbly

Posted on 25.7.2015 03:00
Last updated on 8.8.2015 20:19

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9212. on the Ladder (of 18813)
720. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
62. for this player (out of 328)


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On 26.7.2015 08:28 wobbly wrote:
Damn, I thought humans got there special at lvl 25. Another 5 levels till Infernal Deal & continuous spell spam.

My red mage is still going, so I'm unsure which I'll play more.

On 26.7.2015 12:29 wobbly wrote:
Also my opinion on whether the warrior-mage is "crap", once you realize you don't want to be melee-ing with them they're fine.

If you compare the priest to the mage then the warrior-mage to the priest:
Warrior mages are tougher then priests are tougher then mages
They're all bad at melee but warrior mage then priest then mage
Can wear heavy armour like a priest & has better str
Can learn a spell multiple times unlike the priest

On 26.7.2015 23:23 wobbly wrote:
Took advantage of the fact I was a child of hades to raid the graveyard for xp.

On 26.7.2015 23:23 wobbly wrote:
whoops wrong character

On 29.7.2015 23:14 wobbly wrote:
The red-mage hit a slow point because demi-god XP penalty so taking a break & coming back to this guy.

On 30.7.2015 11:30 wobbly wrote:
That skeletal tyrannosaurous is pretty fun. Hit for terror, so hasted it just mows things down.

On 30.7.2015 23:08 wobbly wrote:
Poor Toby bit it fairly quickly to King Arthur but I found myself a replacement ride pretty quickly, more appropriate for lonely mountain anyways.

On 31.7.2015 21:36 wobbly wrote:
Picked up a 2nd Carrion bird & a Revenant in the labyrinth. Handy, as doing vapor quest with just zap would of been interesting. Lost my 2 carrion birds to King Arthur, might have to come back to that. Pretty much need Resist Blind & either more firepower or Berserk from the 3rd spellbook.

On 3.8.2015 20:42 wobbly wrote:
Death as your only attack realm is a bit frustrating, too many things resist.

On 3.8.2015 22:30 wobbly wrote:

On 4.8.2015 12:14 wobbly wrote:
Exploding Ants with infernal deal & cloud kill was fun. Not sure how to deal with Smaug, will probably have to come back later.

On 4.8.2015 14:28 wobbly wrote:
Crap max(s), will need new life at some stage:
LR: 93/100 (is this already adjusted for fearless?)
Str: 18/90
Int: 18/100
Wis: 18/130
Dex: 18/70
Con: 18/80
Chr: 18/130

Trying to work out if I can stack the fire resist/melee buffs/speed to just try belting Smaug with Calris. I don't think he resist horrify (though he'll have a nice save against it).

On 5.8.2015 04:08 wobbly wrote:
The Feanorian Lamp of Grip (+1 Chr, Blindness Resist, Sustain Chr). Not bad for a dog collar reforge.

Got mobbed on my last attempt at King Arthur & had to settle for taking out Sir Gareth.

On 5.8.2015 05:12 wobbly wrote:
Pretty much shot King Arthur with the crossbow. Maybe that's the way to take Smaug down, stack enough RFire & Speed, buff, shoot

On 5.8.2015 07:13 wobbly wrote:
Crossbow worked, though it was a little sketchy. It's annoying how he's carrying the spell book I need to take him down.

On 5.8.2015 07:39 wobbly wrote:
Actually considering he reflects dark bolt doesn't help, horrify is useless & the only thing the 3rd book would of helped with is if I wanted to try berserking him in melee.

On 5.8.2015 13:48 murphy wrote:
newbie question, how do items get reforged?

On 5.8.2015 23:44 wobbly wrote:
At the fighter's guild in Morivant. There's a description of the mechanics from Chris somewhere on the forum which I could probably find if I had more time. Can do so later, but maybe 1st sentence is answering your question?

On 6.8.2015 04:55 murphy wrote:
yes that is helpful! i will investigate more...

On 6.8.2015 05:15 murphy wrote:
found the post as well, thanks!

On 6.8.2015 19:02 wobbly wrote:
New Life showed up in the BM, so the good news for me is my LR went up, the bad news my int went down:

LR 101/100
Str: 18/80
Int: 18/70
Wis: 18/100
Dex: 18/130
Con: 18/100
Chr: 18/120

On 7.8.2015 08:20 wobbly wrote:
Came across some soft of large monster nest in Chameleon Caves, was interesting.....
Ended up having to abandon a con potion on the level, in the end it didn't seem worth dying for.

On 7.8.2015 20:25 wobbly wrote:
I was struggling against Jasra until I realised I'd brought a reflection amulet & should actually be using it. She's pretty easy to stun with horrify so you just need a clean break from the hydras.

On 8.8.2015 10:04 wobbly wrote:
I don't understand why poison branding is coming so late. Sure poison resistance on my wizard staff is nice but what else?? If it worked on ammo I'd see the point.

On 8.8.2015 20:19 wobbly wrote:
Under-estimated the damage

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