The Angband Ladder: BakZak, Lich Monster by shiz

Posted on 6.7.2015 21:48

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On 6.7.2015 22:03 shiz wrote:
It's my first character that survive CL30. Previous chars lived like this: Camelot ->Giants hall -> down, down, down... you hit by the huge rock*3... you' re dead.
Now I play much more accurately, and still alive) But lack of experience leads to mistakes. I fought in arena in Telmora for the first time, and of course lost to Biclops. Not available to heal + huge rocks, old story for me)
And I accidentaly moved at DL:38 in Angband and met Judge Death. No chances. My Nether Ball just didn't work.
But I'm still alive, and wondering, what to do now? Just afraid to going deep, but not progress on shallow levels.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

On 7.7.2015 02:34 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
The worst part of the Giant's Hall is really Utgard-Loke, a seriously overpowered dungeon guardian.

On 7.7.2015 13:54 shiz wrote:
Yes, it was Utgard-Loke.
Today my Lich met Smaug after teleport from trolls and 1 move later I was dead :(

On 7.7.2015 16:25 Arjen wrote:
With spellcasters, going to the anti-melee cave is nice.

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