The Angband Ladder: Gripe, Dark-Elf High-Mage by Jungle_Boy

Posted on 25.6.2015 03:23
Last updated on 25.6.2015 22:26

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25. on the Competition No.175 Ladder (of 50)


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On 25.6.2015 03:23 Jungle_Boy wrote:
Hex realm combined with racial magic missile is pretty awesome. Anything without a ranged attack is pretty much toast.

On 25.6.2015 22:26 Jungle_Boy wrote:
Got impatient and decided to try Logrus master without chaos resist. Hex is a pretty fun realm but got a little slow and boring. I seem to be pretty successful at getting characters to the 20-25 range. Then I have real problems. Also this ladder has a lot of orange.

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