The Angband Ladder: Braun, Half-Troll Mage by wobbly

Posted on 18.6.2015 10:58
Last updated on 20.6.2015 05:19

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38. on the Competition No.175 Ladder (of 50)


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On 18.6.2015 10:58 wobbly wrote:
My paladin is still going but I thought I'd at least pretend to play a mage for a bit. Took a few attempts to get going but in the end I just bought the heaviest weapon I could afford & started hitting things.

On 18.6.2015 11:53 wobbly wrote:
Trapdoor into Wargs quest before I'd reached berserk made things a bit interesting

On 20.6.2015 05:19 wobbly wrote:
Ran out of teleport scrolls. That's 3 down so far

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