The Angband Ladder: BlueJay, Human Blue-Mage by ShadowTechnology

Posted on 18.6.2015 08:21
Last updated on 1.7.2015 07:14

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On 18.6.2015 08:21 ShadowTechnology wrote:
I'm playing a Blue-Mage because it's one of the bookless classes, and I really would like to see Vanilla evolve in this direction. Spells are acquired one at a time in the dungeon, by learning the spells you have been used against you. Therefore every new character of this class has to develop a novel spell strategy based on chance encounters. It's not the same boring book of low level spells over and over again. This time, BlueJay learned Magic Missile from a novice mage and Cause Light Wounds from a novice priest. Then he picked up Scare, Slow, and Blind (works like Confuse) from a novice Mindcrafter. Teleport To was learned from a Tengu. Breathe Acid came from a giant slug, then Cause Serious wounds from a Priest, and most recently Breathe Fire from a giant salamander. This is fun! Later, I plan to try the other bookless spell caster, the "Magic-Eater". His spells are learned by absorbing wands, staves, and rods.

On 20.6.2015 19:52 Jungle_Boy wrote:
This seems like it would be fun and I started several characters but none of them met any casters before their untimely demise.

On 21.6.2015 15:30 wobbly wrote:
@Jungle_Boy, they're pretty hard to get off the ground. Try either a bigger race (Half-Titan, Drac, Tonberry etc.) or a dark-elf (for lvl 1 magic missile) if you're struggling.

On 27.6.2015 08:19 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Well, I seem to be stuck in an endless quest of my own making. I got in the habit of returning to town, intentionally wearing any cursed items that might have value once uncursed, and then reading a scroll of Remove Curse. Eventually I found a mediocre set of armor that is heavily cursed, and needs a scroll of *Remove Curse*. I have been traveling between towns for a while now, trying to locate one without luck. Meanwhile I have a nice robe of Permanence plus Arvedui, both collecting dust. I think I'll put this Blue Mage on hold, and play a Sorcerer for a few days.

On 1.7.2015 07:14 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Finally found that scroll of *Remove Curse*, then cleared an orc cave. That's all for this @.

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