The Angband Ladder: Melehta5Pineh, High-Elf Ranger by Thraalbeast

Posted on 27.5.2015 16:16
Last updated on 28.5.2015 09:53

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19. on the Competition No.174 Ladder (of 35)


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On 27.5.2015 16:16 Thraalbeast wrote:
At 250' I find Narthanc so I press downwards fast. 450' has very good level feeling but I end up being chased by at least three Gelatinous cubes and other jellies. Out of ammo, no potions or scrolls id'd yet. I don't want to leave the level so I phase around but it just gets worse. Finally I am low on hp and surrounded so I start experimenting while waiting for the recall to kick in and get this after !slowness among other useless effects.
4x "*** LOW HITPOINT WARNING ***" due to 6x "The Gelatinous cube touches you"
You have no more Scrolls of Phase Door (last one)
You are paralysed!
You have 3 potions of sleep
You feel yourself yanked upwards!
You can move again

On 27.5.2015 17:03 Thraalbeast wrote:
Intense fight against pit of nasty insects. Good XP and later I also found a nice longbow.

On 28.5.2015 09:53 Thraalbeast wrote:
Favourite death? "Something breathes ..."

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