The Angband Ladder: Maryam, Dark-Elf Priest by poschengbandplayer

Posted on 3.5.2015 19:09

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On 3.5.2015 19:09 poschengbandplayer wrote:
All my previous characters have died if anyone wonders ._.

So,here I am,trying out a class I never touched before.I don't see what the difference between a priest and a mage is?

Crusade magic isn't as crappy as I remembered.The mass sleep spell of sorcery is awesome and nearly never fails (saved my live more than 10 times).

To be continued:

On 19.12.2015 05:39 Avenger wrote:
This is probably outdated, but it linked from mine, so whatever. Priests learn new spells at random, and from a smaller selection of primary realms, but aren't encumbered by gloves and have a higher armor weight limit before encumbrance from that. They also melee a hell of alot better then mages, but are restricted to blunt weapons.

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