The Angband Ladder: Nana, Dunadan Priest by Cold_Heart

Posted on 30.4.2015 01:01
Last updated on 8.5.2015 15:49

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562. on the Ladder (of 18816)
84. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
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On 30.4.2015 03:44 Cold_Heart wrote:
Solid start is solid. Taken one !contemplation, very much worth it.

Ring of rpoison got lost :/

On 30.4.2015 19:24 Cold_Heart wrote:
Great start? Great start. DLVL24: +10 passive speed from 3 items, armor of resistance +54 AC, ethereal openings, 100+ mana

On 30.4.2015 22:00 Cold_Heart wrote:
Early BDSM O_o

On 1.5.2015 00:08 Cold_Heart wrote:
Proceeding to kill off uniques and dive. Robe of elvenkind with rnexus and cloak with rpoison is amazing luck. Gaining stats.

On 2.5.2015 00:29 Ingwe Ingweron wrote:
Good luck on your run! Looking good. Just a few thoughts, take them or leave them.... Maybe ditch PB1 at this point and re-kit. Dor-Lomin far exceeds Thranduil, and the Balance Dragon mail definitely is better than the Robe. What you'll lose in stealth will be more than compensated for by better h.p.'s, damage output, and resistance coverage. Cammithrim will also increase your damage output even more. Dropping the Phial might have been a small error. It's more useful to a priest than the Star or Arkenstone, since a priest can cast Sense Surroundings and Clairvoyance. Having to keep PB1 just for Call Light is a bummer, but you could use Rods of Illumination as they're lighter and don't burn. Finally, instead of stockpiling !Healing, warehouse your !Restore Mana. By the time of the final fights your priest can cast Heal or *Healing* without fail, create Glyphs of Warding, etc., and just tank up the mana. (I do stockpile !*Healing* and !Life as a priest, just to reduce mana cost in the final conflicts with the bosses.)

On 2.5.2015 00:42 Cold_Heart wrote:
Hello, Ingwe Ingweron!

re:PB1 -- I never ditch it.
re:Dor-Lomin -- I thought about it, but not having pblind is not something I'm looking forward.
re: Balance Dragon Scale Mail -- I am thrilled that I got it, but... it's too heavy. I am keeping my equipment lightweight for now. Swapped rnexus robe for rnether+rchaos.
re:Arkenstone -- I like having this for rlight and rdark.
re:!Healing -- I'm temporarily stockpiling them until I have a good supply, then I will switch to carrying them. I am squelching !*Healing*, because pointless. By the time I will need this kind of powerful healing from potions I will have enough !Life

On 2.5.2015 00:43 Cold_Heart wrote:
97 known uniques, 63 slain.

On 2.5.2015 02:11 Cold_Heart wrote:
Fundin is holding a hell of a party on 60.

On 2.5.2015 14:19 Cold_Heart wrote:
Your Arrow of Lightning (1d4) (+12,+15) shocks the Jabberwock (439). It was a good hit! The Jabberwock dies.

On 2.5.2015 17:55 Cold_Heart wrote:
97 known uniques, 71 slain.

On 4.5.2015 22:42 Cold_Heart wrote:
=Speed +23 lol.

On 7.5.2015 02:57 Cold_Heart wrote:
Resists fixed, stats fixed, low speed :( only +17

On 8.5.2015 15:06 Cold_Heart wrote:
Found Feanor's booties.


Full resists, full stats, +27 passive speed.

On 8.5.2015 15:46 Cold_Heart wrote:
Done. GG.

On 8.5.2015 15:50 Cold_Heart wrote:
Consumables used in final fight:

5x !Restore Mana
14x ?Mass Banishment
5x ?Banishment

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