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Posted on 9.7.2003 17:20
Last updated on 12.7.2003 01:10

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On 9.7.2003 17:20 wrote:
Currently wandering around in search for stat potions.

Nice randart, methinks!

On 10.7.2003 00:12 divinecloudburst wrote:
It's a junkart, actually, and one of the better ones.

On 10.7.2003 11:55 wrote:
Sorry, my mistake, mixed up the terms. Junkart it is.

I'm still wandering in the Sandworm Lair, looking for better equipment and stat gain potions. However, I'm lacking poison resistance (and SI!) and for that reason I'm afraid to face the Sandworm Queen. I actually once entered lvl30, and "it" breathed poison and took away most of my hit points.

On 10.7.2003 14:16 wrote:
Killed the Sandworm Queen and now I'm diving the Mirkwood. I'll reach the bottom very soon and after that I think I'll do the Orc Caves and the Old Forest.

On 10.7.2003 15:35 wrote:
I'm doing quite well for a change! Although I reached the bottom of the Maze and killed the Minotaur, I didn't have the patience to seek the lost hobbit (as an unbeliever, I don't have much use for the reward).

I guess I ought to found Mormegil or at least try to find a way of disenchanting my current sword. Now there weren't such things as scrolls of disenchant weapon?

On 11.7.2003 00:07 divinecloudburst wrote:
It's called a scroll of Curse Weapon, but that's probably overkill. ;-)

A scroll of Summon Never-Moving Pet read at level 5 has a decent chance of netting you a Disenchanter Eye.

On 11.7.2003 10:31 wrote:
I still haven't found any time or patience for trying to disenchant my sword. I guess I'm still hoping to find Mormegil sooner although I wonder how am I going to cope with its curses.

At this point the game's getting boring. I can't dive very deep because it would get me killed. But exploring these depths is f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-n-g!!! I'm facing massive armies of orcs, trolls and hounds. *sigh*

On 11.7.2003 11:50 wrote:
Acquirement junkart????
That gives you artifacts if you activate it deep enough. Hang around in Mpria, activate it until you get the artifatcs you want.

On 11.7.2003 11:52 wrote:
What!?! It generates object according to the DLVL? must try it at once!

On 11.7.2003 13:22 wrote:
No. I'm on level 47 of Moria, and when I activate the acquirement-junkart, it gives pure garbage (that is, {good} items). Guess I'll try it again much deeper. Like, perhaps the Lonely Mountain or something.

On 11.7.2003 14:51 wrote:
Yeah, just my luck. I found a Staff of Wishing. I got a "little" excited, and then it struck me: I'm an unbeliever... of course.

On 11.7.2003 16:15 wrote:
I found some quite nasty demons in the house in Khazad-Dum. I probably wouldn't have ventured there if I had known. Still, I dispatched the Greater Balrog(s?) and the other monstrosities there, and found a couple of (useless) artifacts. After that I made my way to Erebor to fight some dragons. Much to my disappointment, there were some minor orc-armies on the first level. There I found that Dark Sword I'm now wielding. It seems great although it's a bit enchanted.

On 11.7.2003 17:35 wrote:
I found a Dark Sword in Mordor, which I pseudo-ID'd as {special} I thought it was Mormegil but disappointment was great when I discovered that it isn't and is actually worse than my DS of Gondolin.Well. Destroyed Uwatha with Tirech and now I guess I'll stash it in one of my homes.

On 12.7.2003 01:10 wrote:
Whoa. Entered Mordor level 49. A Princess Quest-level with Nycadaemons. I said to myself "piece of cake, I've killed those guys before". The Daemons were directly in my line of sight when I made my entry to the level. "Hmm it seems a couple of trolls are on my way, I'll use my Flash-abilities to get rid of those". So, I killed the trolls on my way. I press enter to clear away the trollslaughter-message, and suddenly I'm asked whether to save the dump or not. WTF!? I was, how do you say, shattered. After a brief sad moment I accepted my fate, saved the dump and decided to find out what killed me. Then! I got an explanation to what it means to have drunk "The Blood of Life".

...and so I found out that a Nycadaemon breathed Nether. Instakill. Over 900 hit points vanished into thin air.

Currently I'm standing in Minas Anor, not sure where to go. I am *afraid* to go back.

On 12.7.2003 17:08 wrote:
Wondring where to go? Try Sandworm Lair for stat pots, or train in Moria where there are no princesses.

On 13.7.2003 05:47 wrote:
Nether breath does a max of 550 points of damage, I'd say it is more likely that you were hit by a previous breath and didn't notice due to holding down the arrow key vs. trolls.

On 15.7.2003 08:27 wrote:
Well. I'm currently clvl 50, and the stats are maxed. I have a stupid artifact Dark Sword, 'Tirech', which produces chaotic effects. Had some trouble clearing a fumblefingers *crypt* in Angband with Horned Reapers. "Horned reaper disappears!" *sigh*.

But I'm starting to get fed up. I no longer collect items; I destroy them right away so that I can immediatly see the artifacts.

Unfortunately I cannot update the dump, so you'll see in August how did I manage.

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