The Angband Ladder: Mini Driver, Human Warrior by murphy

Posted on 25.2.2015 05:14
Last updated on 15.3.2015 21:12

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On 25.2.2015 05:16 murphy wrote:
oops, died from carelessness. there was one creeping coin left from the vault, and i was just picking up ammo. really should set that hit point warning option

On 11.3.2015 16:07 murphy wrote:
ok now i have overwritten that attempt.

On 11.3.2015 16:15 murphy wrote:
this Mini has obtained a weapon that grants telepathy, but doesnt do much damage. she has been descending rapidly, but now faces a decision, because i have some concern that the creeping coin nest at 950' might be too dangerous or time consuming, and Mini is already wealthy (she's a 1%'er) thanks to two creeping coin quests already. will she complete this quest or abandon it?

On 11.3.2015 16:37 murphy wrote:
just for posterity's sake, the overwritten entry achieved level 23 and died at around 100k turns, killed by poison. not my best effort, so i'm willing to repress that memory!

On 12.3.2015 18:59 murphy wrote:
keeping my turncount low, but my gear is terrible. just base resists, free action, and telepathy. still no see invisible

abandoned the creeping coin quest at 950'. succeeded the next two quests but deferred the reward both times. now i have another tough one, emperor wights. i killed one and fled the level. if i fail this quest do i lose the deferred rewards?

On 12.3.2015 20:44 wrote:
I believe so, yes . . . whether or not you failed the quest depends on what kind it is, though. If you're currently on a 'Guardian' quest, you can only fail it by dying, I think.

If you're curious, this stuff *IS* in the in-game help (the [?] command). Quest information should be listed under 'The World'/'Quests,' while quest reward info should be listed with town services.

On 12.3.2015 20:46 wrote:
Also, you can [l]ook at quests types and rewards (while you're selecting them) to get the help info, too.

On 13.3.2015 14:35 nppangband wrote:
Yes, you lose the deferred reward as well.

On 15.3.2015 21:18 murphy wrote:
death drake breathed twice, 650hp of nether damage in one round!

im not sure my strategy of skipping slow quests was paying off, because i had lousy gear and only offered poor quest options as i got deeper.

comparing this attempt to my Mini Putter effort, she did some long quests that slowed her down in the beginning, but then around 2000' she got to do a bunch of arena quests which are both very fast to complete and generate nice rewards

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