The Angband Ladder: Leon Redbone, Human Ranger by ShadowTechnology

Posted on 3.2.2015 04:17
Last updated on 8.2.2015 03:05

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On 3.2.2015 04:17 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL 15, DL10. Two previous Leons died to the unexpected ?Deep Decent early in the game. This guy has been going slowly and carefully, with resting and digging for gold. He finally got enough for a _TP. Wormy gave up the quarter staff. Got the good sling (at home now) early, which really made a difference. Just bought the nice X-bow.

On 4.2.2015 07:02 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL21, DL19. Feeling better now. weapon of *SE*, good light X-bow, AC 60 with SI, FA, pBlind. Went shopping and had money left over for the first time.

On 5.2.2015 05:51 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL24, DL23. Basic 4 covered. Clearing levels w/o much resistance. Going to dive to stat gain level now. We'll see.

On 7.2.2015 06:04 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL 26, DL49. Ready to clear levels 30-40 for stat potions.

On 7.2.2015 17:12 ShadowTechnology wrote:
CL28, DL32. Draebor left me a nice awl-pike of Westernesse. I acquired chain mail of Resistance and shield of Resistance at almost the same time, which seemed like a waste, until I got back to town and purchased Green Dragon Mail and the BM. Wearing the dragon mail and shield, and storing the chain mail for later. Basic 4 + poison in two items is going to open up options in the other slots.
Only found 1 stat potions on levels 30-32, but part of the problem is falling through a trap door after clearing a vault and before sorting through the goodies! I hate when that happens.

On 8.2.2015 03:05 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Dead by Dread. Just finished killing one of the troll brothers, who dropped a nice helm of regeneration. Before I could prep for the other two trolls, I was set upon by an OOD Smoke elemental, a young green dragon, and a Dread (the first of this game). I had the dragon dead and the dread down to 1 star and fleeing, and had to turn my attention to the smoke elemental who was blasting me with fire bolts, frying my books and consumables, and had me down to double digit HP (87 HP I think). That's when the fleeing dread turned and wasted me with a single nether bolt (down to -9 HP). The bards will sing tonight in honor of Leon Redbone.

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