The Angband Ladder: Sneaky IV, Hobbit Ranger by donalde

Posted on 30.12.2014 05:47

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On 30.12.2014 05:47 donalde wrote:
Another Halfling Ranger Winner. Not too much melee in game, consumed loads of arrows... after each dungeon trip I bought like 120 to 200 plain arrows more. Got 3 randart bows, the one I am using was best. No arrows of holy might was found, but seeker arrows of wounding did the job. Here are the final fight results: 1st round: got 2 stars out of Morgy before he summoned major demons, teleported morgy, pit fiend and greater balrog away. Fixed sea of runes, quaffed restore mana. 2nd round: long round, during which morgy went down to 3 stars, he summoned friends, manastormed me 4 times, nether balled once, used 4 !healing and one !*healing* as well as one restore mana to fix sea of runes and to TO some summons. 3rd round was final round for Morgy, he sneered and casted once summon friends, 3 times brain smashing. No healing was used. Rangers with good randart bow seem to be bit overpowered.

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