The Angband Ladder: Yaliwin, Yeek Possessor by Yottle

Posted on 8.12.2014 01:42

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On 8.12.2014 01:42 Yottle wrote:
Interesting build. Easy at low levels, difficult in the middle, and trivial at the end. I let my GWoP companions pets take out most monsters. The problem in the middle was that I had so few hp that I kept getting killed by splash damage from pet breaths. In Kronos' body that wasn't a problem with 4500 hp and directed teleport to get out of nasty situations.

Also, notice the footwear. I found most artifacts but never found any artifact footwear. Weird.

On 8.12.2014 02:13 Therem Harth wrote:
I'll have to try this. How did you get the first body though?

Also wowza, you really capitalized on the Fumblefingers quests. :)

On 8.12.2014 02:56 Yottle wrote:
First body was courtesy of the eagles in the mountains. Generally I tried to gain a few levels killing vermin in the grasslands east of Bree (easy to gain levels as a yeek) and then scum the mountains until a friendly eagle killed a dragon or giant. Then I had enough hp and damage to level up to the mid-20s rapidly, when I switched to a cyclops for the speed bonus or storm giant for teleport to. This worked well until about level 30 or so when lack of hp and damage became an issue again.

The BM was very good to me- no ridiculous monsters. I probably completed ten quests. That had more effect than FF, I think.

On 8.12.2014 03:21 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
This is the sequence I had when I last played a ToME Possessor-based Loremaster:
Green naga (clvl 8 - 10)
-> Red naga (clvl 10 - 11)
-> 2-Headed hydra (clvl 11 - 24)
-> The wounded bear (clvl 24)
-> 2-Headed hydra (clvl 24 - 25)
-> Mature bronze dragon (clvl 25 - 27?)
-> Cyclops (clvl 27? - now)

On 8.12.2014 03:43 Yottle wrote:
I don't like naga bodies because of the random movement. I kept my original body until something very good showed up.

Even a yeek can kill white and black ants in the grass if it is running and very careful. A white ant instantly puts one up to level 3, IIRC.

I had always played possessors starting with a death mold for the great starting stats. But they take forever to level up. When I am in a body like Kronos it doesn't really matter what my base hp are because his are so much higher that the difference is a rounding error. The rapid level gain of a yeek is much more useful than base hp.

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