The Angband Ladder: Rockhead, Elemental Monster by chris

Posted on 5.12.2014 22:35
Last updated on 7.12.2014 02:01

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On 5.12.2014 22:35 chris wrote:
Hugo-mode: Engage! Time to Rock!!

On 5.12.2014 22:48 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Rockhead could use The One Ring...anyday.

On 5.12.2014 23:29 chris wrote:
[CL22:Azog] 00:51
Fastest Azog kill ever! Who knew Earth Elementals were so darn powerful?

On 5.12.2014 23:54 chris wrote:
[CL24:Mimic's Treasure] 01:10
So, I hit the Orc Camp with 353 damage per round. Can you guess the outcome? In my manic power craze, I even grabbed a stack of !Speed and hit the Mimic's quest, picking up Thranduil.

At CL24.



On 6.12.2014 00:10 chris wrote:
When the luck is flowing, you might as well push it. Another 2 minutes of play gives Padre! AC131. Telepathy. 322 damage vs evil.

At CL24.


Wow :)

On 6.12.2014 01:01 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Don't forget the Sting quest

On 6.12.2014 01:07 chris wrote:
[CL28:Vault] 02:01
If you want ... but Sting is not what I need right now. -2 base speed must be overcome at all costs, and I'm currently using Hagen to that end. I will go get Merry, though, for another +1 speed. That'll give my +2 overall. Holy Cow!!! :D

5 dungeons conquered by the 2 hour mark? Wazupwidat?

On 6.12.2014 01:24 debo wrote:
You get 0-cost healing??

On 6.12.2014 01:38 chris wrote:
Yes, but you can't use potions with this build! And devices are poor enough that rods won't be reliable, even if you are super lucky enough to find some.

There are restrictions on Earthen Healing:
[1] It takes 3 turns to cast.
[2] You need to be surrounded be enough earth tiles for it to work. So if you are caught out in the open by, say, a disintegration breath, you have no healing at all!

So, in reality, that is the only healing you get. And killing the Serpent might require 20,000+ healing for a normal character.

On 6.12.2014 02:22 chris wrote:
[CL31:Smaug] 02:51
OK, WTF am I doing down here already? I have a 96.7% fail rate on that staff of speed, but decided that was good enough for big boy Smaug! I think I'll call it quits on the the dungeon guardian stampede for the time being, as this one was rather risky. No way I could do Utgard-Loke, for example. No way at all :(

I bought a !Dex from the BM and had it turn to mud before I could walk 10 paces to my home. Very frustrating ... might as well have thieves rob me for 100k!

On 6.12.2014 02:41 chris wrote:
Cloning Pits with just +2 speed? That's crazy! Or is it? Stay tuned for details ...

On 6.12.2014 02:41 debo wrote:
This is definitely a Hugo strategy

On 6.12.2014 02:56 chris wrote:
[CL32:Cloning Pits] 03:15
Yay! It paid off. I leaned on Wall of Earth and my so so stealth to divide and conquer. Plenty of ant explosions, and some Jurt annoyance with the grand master blinksters, but everything else was quite easily managed. And I gained +2 speed boots for my efforts, so the risk was worth it.

Now, I swear, time to play conservative! Though, perhaps I should check out that Dragon's Lair?

On 6.12.2014 03:08 debo wrote:
Bro it's time to kill some Olympians!!!

On 6.12.2014 12:43 mewmew wrote:
I always thought earth elementals were unplayable due to that healing part, with potion destruction and a relatively weak situational healing which takes 3 turns to cast.

On 6.12.2014 14:51 chris wrote:
[CL36:DL63] 04:03
4 hour checkpoint: My Hugo-rockets are still firing strong! I'll pass on the Olympians since I'm not *that* crazy, but Hell Wyrms and Venom Wyrms are enough for now. Passwall + Earthen Healing totally owns them. Actually, I could just rest to regain hp so Earthen Healing isn't that important just yet.

I think I've reached the limits of Hagen's destructive power. Any further melee prowess will require a ring of speed or some such.

On 6.12.2014 16:03 chris wrote:
[CL41:DL68] 04:58
5 hour checkpoint: Hugo-overdrive! Where is all the speed hiding?

On 6.12.2014 16:47 Arjen wrote:
Not giving you speed items is RNG way of slowing you down a bit before you crash. He is that nice.

On 6.12.2014 17:02 chris wrote:
Too Late!! *Acquirement* gave a RoS at long last, and +4 no less!! Holy Carpoli!

On 6.12.2014 17:42 chris wrote:
[CL43:DL70] 05:57
Updates on the hour, every hour.

RoS +4. RoS +2. Oh, my. But then Crimson and Shiva's Boots. And the Glaive of Pain. So now my speed is a comfortable +10, my AC a sweet 238 and my damage, well, it's just OK at 471. Stupid shields ...

On 6.12.2014 19:42 chris wrote:
OK, I spent an hour trying to find Quaker, but no dice. He's only a rarity 4 monster after all, and shouldn't be impossible to find. Perhaps I'll try again after getting the Palantir (I just want the heroism for killing him. He can keep the gloves :)

So, in frustration, I headed to Mt Olympus where things are starting to pick up again. RoS +7 and Jack's cloak!

On 6.12.2014 20:12 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Nice to see a character honoring my playstyle. Looking at this, I almost feel like playing an Earth Elemental.

On 6.12.2014 20:24 chris wrote:
They Rock!

[CL46:DL90] 07:43
Vilya before the 8 hour mark. Now that is something :)

On 6.12.2014 20:59 debo wrote:

On 6.12.2014 21:01 debo wrote:
Nain vs Pain

On 6.12.2014 21:02 debo wrote:
What's giving the elec brand to the Glaive? Is that vilya??

On 6.12.2014 21:04 chris wrote:
Vilya :)

[CL47:DL90] 08:18
Replace the Glaive of Pain? Hell yes! +99 speed at trucking along!

On 6.12.2014 21:07 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
a) The Great Axe of Ritual (4d25) (+15,+11) (+1) {In;Fi;SiRg/*UL(In}

+99 temp speed

Where has the world gone to?! Where is the +99 Speed coming from?

On 6.12.2014 21:17 chris wrote:
My weapon is a wild weapon, so it's 1d25 and grants random buffs every time you strike something. Don't worry, they come and go quickly as new buffs replace old ones. But Vilya turns that mediocre 1d25 slay evil weapon into total annihilation! And, I just found Narya for even more powah!

On 6.12.2014 23:04 chris wrote:
[CL50:DL91] 09:03
Rockhead is a blockhead, stubbornly taking on situations that are far too risky. At the moment, this is a huge P monster formation, loaded with 20+ Hru's and perhaps 60 to 70 Ice and Elder Fire Giants. Surtur is awake nearby, and thinks I am spamming passwall, so he is spamming summon Cyberdemons. Hmmm ... Quite an army has amassed and the level long since turned "Special". Do I persevere?

On 6.12.2014 23:12 Nivim wrote:
Sounds like you'd need a very fine sense of how versatile/effective your character is to answer that. Although, do you have some form of resisting stuns? I don't recall if this game even has that, but being stunned to death regardless of your hp sounds possible.

On 6.12.2014 23:33 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Chris, send us a screenshot of this *Giant* formation

On 7.12.2014 01:12 chris wrote:
Too late ... already cleared. Actually, there were some Efreetis hanging in the mix. But nearly 30 Hru was tough going!

[CL50:DL92] 10:07
10 hour post and I finally get to take off that icky shield. Yuk! I think I have what it takes to win, I just want another +3 speed or so. My best bet is probably to reforge an amulet.

I've given up trying to reclaim all the *healing* and life I see. Sigh.

On 7.12.2014 02:03 chris wrote:
Boowah! The Serpent almost won when he summoned Richard Wong and Ultimate Magus entourage. My wildness had me zerking with no escapes or healings allowed. Ouch!

On 7.12.2014 02:31 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
> f) The Amulet of Carcharoth (+3,+17) [+25]

I never saw this before..!!

On 7.12.2014 03:44 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
> Dark : .......++...* 100%

*HOW* did you get Darkness Immunity!? Never saw this before, either!

On 7.12.2014 10:44 Arjen wrote:
> Dark ................*

I guess that star did the trick. Nice win Chris, steamrolling 2.0

On 7.12.2014 11:12 wrote:
Well, that make you the first to win with an Earth Elemental.


On 7.12.2014 13:55 mewmew wrote:
How do you even fight the Snake without *healing*?

On 7.12.2014 14:04 chris wrote:
I used Teleport and use my slow innate healing power whenever hp were low. Heck, you need to flee every time he goes bonkers summoning anyway. It actually wasn't too bad of a fight, but I suspect my weapon helped out quite a bit!

Darkness immunity was from Wraithform, one of the wild weapon buffs. Every so often you'd get lucky and Invulnerability or Wraithform would stick around for a couple of rounds, soaking up damage. Also cool was Eye for an Eye. Many of the other wild effects are just noise, though.

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