The Angband Ladder: Grompf, Dark-Elf High-Mage by Raajaton

Posted on 6.9.2014 07:08
Last updated on 14.9.2014 00:57

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13483. on the Ladder (of 18813)
1363. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
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On 6.9.2014 07:08 Raajaton wrote:
Very fun character so far. I've gotten some pretty interesting drops. Most interesting of course these boots of immunity. Although they are too dangerous for me to keep wearing all the time, having them made doing old man willow and tengu and deathsword quests an absolute breeze. For both quests I was basically able to just stand still and nuke. I will definitely need to get another pair of boots for every day wear though. Going through the game without the ability to phase / tp is suicide.

On 6.9.2014 15:15 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
You might find those Boots of Immunity useful against Gravity Hounds and the Royal Crypt quest (a late game asinine quest)

On 6.9.2014 15:21 Raajaton wrote:
I feel like I should start putting points into strength when I have the opportunity. I simply can't carry enough and tend to live in a constant state of slow.

On 6.9.2014 20:54 Thraalbeast wrote:
It is fun to play one school Armageddon - very powerful - but hp are usually low. I typically find myself getting impatient around plevel 30 and suddenly see myself facing monsters that could easily one-shot me. And eventually they do of course. My last attempt was with a Kutar, they have very good stealth and rConfusion which are both good for a high-mage. Unfortunately the last level of Icky-cave was super small which was good against the Ubbo-Sathala, summons was never an issue. But then when I was clearing up the loot I see that I have new company who meleed away 75% of my hp in one round. I was not on the < so I teleported but was only moved one square and died horribly. Anyway, good luck!

On 14.9.2014 00:57 Raajaton wrote:
Finally back to playing this high mage. Still alive, and I have a spare set of boots that offer +speed and doesn't prevent teleportation. I'll likely start running around with those equipped and swap in the Immunity boots when necessary.

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