The Angband Ladder: Utheldor, Human Rogue by Bombadil

Posted on 17.8.2014 16:45
Last updated on 1.9.2014 19:20

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On 17.8.2014 16:45 Bombadil wrote:
Trying another rogue.

Initial human rogue stealth is not good.

Initial killing power is poor as well, so I relied on wands primarily for the early game. This allowed me to explore. A holy avenger long sword, cloak of stealth, and a lucky early speed ring (+6) were some key finds.

I must say that a dragon scale mail armor in the early game is also liberating with its nice offense and relatively low weight.

I am still lacking most resists, I need to be cautious. I would love to find a resist all shield.

On 18.8.2014 05:00 Bombadil wrote:
I found a terrific elven armor with poison resist so I ditched the white dragon scale mail.

On 19.8.2014 02:59 Bombadil wrote:
I found some free action gloves, so I ditched the ring of free action to use a ring of con.

I found Totilla, and I am using that instead of Holy Avenger long sword.

Other than that I am inching downwards, trying to stat gain, and improve my gear.

On 21.8.2014 02:39 Bombadil wrote:
Level 34 and still alive. I have been hanging around 2000 feet or thereabouts, just looking for gear improvements.

On 23.8.2014 04:37 Bombadil wrote:
Level 37 now, wis and con still need maxing. I havent found anything useful for a while now.

On 23.8.2014 12:44 wrote:
Did you find a Tenser's Transformation at dlvl 16? nice :)

On 23.8.2014 15:03 Bombadil wrote:
Hi Moordwoord, yup!

On 24.8.2014 15:57 Bombadil wrote:
Level 40 now... Still hunting around for gear upgrades....

On 24.8.2014 23:58 Angrist wrote:
0% Expirience penalty helps like something? Or Human is simply the most difficult race?

On 25.8.2014 01:14 Bombadil wrote:
Hi Angrist, Humans do level really fast, but I would say they are one of the weakest races. I just like to try different combinations.

On 26.8.2014 01:03 Bombadil wrote:
Level 42 now and I just found some power dragon scale mail ... boy that covers some resistances...

What the hell is a power dragon anyway?

On 27.8.2014 06:43 Bombadil wrote:
Level 44 now and I'm just poking around 4500 trying to gather materials and improve my character. Im not in any rush.

On 29.8.2014 23:43 Bombadil wrote:
Status update: Level 47 now, major uniques die pretty handily now. I dont have all resists covered yet, I can either have Nexus or Stun uncovered with my current pile of gear, I thought the Golden Crown of Gondor would allow me to cover everything but alas no.

On 1.9.2014 19:20 Bombadil wrote:
For Morgoth I used a combination of slay evil/holy might arrows and bashing him over the head with Deathwreaker.

For adds I used some Mass Banishment and Destruction scrolls.

The old boy got me down to about 200 HP, but no real close calls.

On 1.9.2014 20:26 Angrist wrote:

On 1.9.2014 20:27 Angrist wrote:

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