The Angband Ladder: elliptic, Petty-Dwarf Necromancer by elliptic

Posted on 14.8.2014 18:36
Last updated on 16.8.2014 15:40

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On 14.8.2014 18:36 elliptic wrote:
My first serious necromancer in a long time. Just cleared the dragon special level with only 328 HP at start - I didn't think I could manage it, but I was able to *destruct* or teleport away the first several winged dragons while killing most other things, and this gave me enough xp to learn genocide and genocide 'D'. Finding Feanor also helped...

Things should get easier for a bit now. :)

On 15.8.2014 00:02 Nick wrote:
Um, yeah :)

On 16.8.2014 06:45 elliptic wrote:
Just killed Sauron. There are still lots of uniques running around and I don't have that many consumables, but I might just go ahead and fight Morgoth now, since the game is getting a little tedious.

On 16.8.2014 14:40 debo wrote:
Clash of the Necromancers

On 16.8.2014 15:40 elliptic wrote:
Morgoth was unexpectedly easy: I just hit him with orbs of death, blinked when he entered melee range, and genocided/teleported his summons. I had to teleport either myself or Morgoth a few times, but he came right back to me. Didn't use any *healing* or restore mana, just a few healing potions/charges and 3 scrolls of mass genocide.

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