The Angband Ladder: Baras, Half-Troll Priest by Zikke

Posted on 1.8.2014 02:23
Last updated on 7.8.2014 11:05

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4926. on the Ladder (of 18815)
1863. on the Angband Ladder (of 6401)
13. for this player (out of 36)


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On 1.8.2014 02:23 Zikke wrote:
Deep sea diving at clvl 38 and found the One Ring! I don't know if I should put it on yet since it draws attention and drains xp...

On 2.8.2014 02:10 Zikke wrote:
Decided to pocket the One Ring until the end, and focus on picking off uniques and finding !Exp and !Aug. Also, knowing I won't need immunities or telepathy for the end fights, I am looking for rings and "brute force" gear (+dmg, etc.). I'm thinking of melee'ing Morgoth. Being a half-troll helps with that as well.

On 3.8.2014 00:16 krazyhades wrote:
Immunities are very nice to have vs Morgoth, especially to all base elements, because it makes "Summon Ancient Dragons" often act like "Summon Irrelevant Creatures That Prevent Me From Summoning More Things"

On 3.8.2014 00:17 krazyhades wrote:
ALSO the One has a pretty hefty combat bonus.

On 4.8.2014 03:15 Zikke wrote:
I meant that since I know I will have the One Ring on, I don't need to worry about collecting those immunities and resists on other gear in the mean time.

On 7.8.2014 11:05 Zikke wrote:
As usual, I overprepared for Morgoth, but this time more than ever before. I needed a total of 3 !Mana for the entire fight, and nothing else. I guess I just horde items out of habit...

It was a pushover with the One Ring and a decent ego weapon. Melee for the win.

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