The Angband Ladder: Ewert II, Dwarf Warrior by ewert

Posted on 17.7.2014 17:29

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On 17.7.2014 17:29 ewert wrote:
During vacation suddenly got the urge to play Angband again. :) Had a Mace of Disruption of Gondolin with ESP from before stat gain, needless to say it was insane and made killing most stuff quite easy so only really about being careful this time around. :) Good game, way overkill as usual for me in the end. ;)

On 17.7.2014 17:32 ewert wrote:
"before stat gain was done" that is

On 19.7.2014 00:16 nic wrote:
You still have 28 *Heal* and 10 Life after winning?
Since 20 or so should be enough for killing Morgoth, you
must have had a total of say 60...

I have never had that many potions: did you find a potion store
or a way to rob the black market?

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