The Angband Ladder: Viktor the Be, Half-Orc Warrior by Final Master

Posted on 6.7.2014 07:48
Last updated on 8.7.2014 00:40

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On 6.7.2014 07:48 Final Master wrote:
Alright, so the bug got me again. After 15 years of Angband, I have not only finally gotten past dlvl 50 for the first time, but I've also gotten past clvl 30 for the first time in 5 years.

3.5 is much smoother than all the previous versions I have played [some as far back as 2 maintainers ago] as far as interface and items out there [no more broken sticks or specific stat restore potions thank god]. The Game has really came a long way over ~30 years. :D

Now then, as far as the character goes. I know Half-Troll is supposedly better what with the high base str and con you get allowing for a higher max, but the dex hit really sucked every time I rolled them. So I switched to Half-Orc - almost as much str but no dex penalty. Plus I really liked the idea of a free damage resist in rdark over something easily found like fRegen.

I've progressed actually pretty quickly, I'm one of the people that fast dive to about dlvl 25 until I get either some good resist coverage - typically the four base and atleast two or three higher with hopefully a rConfuse or rBlind depending on what I'm playing. Fortunitally I got decnetly lucky with a VERY early Amulet of Trickery - that early rPoison and bit of speed made a huge difference in thsi character living past dlvl30. I also stumbled across Wormtounge's Boots quiet shallow giving me a good [albiet cursed] PD and bit more speed. Once I had +5 Speed things really started to change out - I wasn't quiet double moving anything yet but I could run away from almost everything.

The other asepct I got rather lucky with was getting a massive amount of Rods - treasure, illuminate, curing, door & stair - multiples of all of those by about dlvl 20 making it very safe to just empty out good lvls. Eventually getting the Phial let me empty out the illuminate rods and I could start to carry about a bunch of attack wands if anything got away or was too dangerous to melee [typically disenchanters & heavy +6d6 hitters].

Defnitally my first 'This could go very well' items I got was Gondricam - all the res it gives I had covered along with See Invis and fRegen - but that +4 dex and FIFTY [50!!!!] armor - that made melee nearly impossible for anything I came up against until I decided to swap it out for Turmil for a bit. The list of Uniques I melee'd without even needing to think about it include the likes of:
All the medium/high lvl o, O, T, h, a, p, and even a few Ringwraiths. Didnt' even have to think about healing 'cause I was walking around with +160 armor at ~dlvl 35 and +5 speed.

The only real issue I have now, other than me not really liking my lack of resists with my current dump set up is I just cannot find any healing anymore. I'm not exactly spamming healing and *healing* and have only found one Life [fucking Ice Wyrms...] - but I just can't find any anymore. Are there staves, rods or wands of anything greater than CLW? CCW is fine and all until I run into anything that drops damage +100 and moves at +20> . I guess the other issue is I may not be dealing enough damage? Not sure if I am needing healing so bad 'cause I can't kill them fast enough?

So, here is my best character EVER in 15 years of the game. PLEASE PLEASE help me out. He really feels like a possible Sauron Eater... maybe even TBM.

PS. Where the HELL is HoldLife? I haven't seen ANYTHING that grants that - I'd be willing to give up any slot for HoldLife - I've started to keep a record after clvl 30 and I have been drained of over 1.350.000 xp - I literally could be clvl 45 by now atleast surely if I had HoldLife.

On 6.7.2014 08:06 Final Master wrote:
Having posted the dump I've been looking at my ladder positioning. Good lord this is strange. Viktor here is the 2nd highest ranked Half-Orc Warrior of 3.5 and 19th overall for all versions - the one above is a winner. I'm by far not a good *band player, never having won any from Oa, TOME2 or T4, FAa, Uang, or NEThack - I am very hopeful now.

On 8.7.2014 00:40 Final Master wrote:
Breath is so strong... and apparently ~98% success of teleportation & teleport other isn't good enough. Best character ever - by a large margain after 15 years. I'm so crushed...

On 13.7.2014 18:11 wrote:
Very sorry for your loss.

You're right: 98% success isn't good enough when facing life or death situations. You need a 100% success option, which is basically a scroll or potion.

I always carry scrolls of teleport, teleport level and phase door, as well as potions of healing and *healing*.

Very surprising you didn't have ESP (telepathy) at this level. You absolutely need it (IMO) so you can avoid things you don't want to fight.

Personally I think you dived too deep for that character, but then I like to take things slowly. At 4000', I'd like to have close to 30 speed, and most if not all resists.

On 13.7.2014 18:59 Final Master wrote:
I ended up finding about six or seven various lvls of Helm of Telepathy throughout the game - even had one at about dlvl 45 if I remember correctly - but once I had Holhenneth I felt being able to have full detection along with rblind & rconf was vastly more important.

I also could have had a bit more speed - I had a few RoS +8 available throughout the dlvl but it hadn't really occurred to me that I needed more than I had. Prior to this last dive [I had recalled to dlvl 78] I had 26 speed and wasn't feeling strong enough - even with the speed, to be running around. So I rearranged my kit, covered as many resists as I could, increased my bump damage by almsot 100 a round [even with the drop in speed] and tested a bit. I found this kit to be superior. Maybe I was wrong *shurgs*.

Regardless, was beyond fun. Thanks for the heads up jford.

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