The Angband Ladder: Clawfinger, [Half-Ogre] Berserker by Thraalbeast

Posted on 19.6.2014 21:53
Last updated on 24.6.2014 20:31

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On 19.6.2014 21:53 Thraalbeast wrote:
Perfect variant and character for tanking. Great melee damage and no scrolls, no activations, no devices, no teleport or phase, (almost) no detection. Great fun!

On 19.6.2014 22:17 krazyhades wrote:
This sounds awesome.

On 19.6.2014 22:27 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
What you could use is Stormbringer!

On 19.6.2014 22:35 Thraalbeast wrote:
Sure, but the good thing is most weapons work with this character. 396 damage with a 2d2 weapon is not bad!

On 19.6.2014 22:43 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
But hey, you can get *a lot* of one-handed weapons...Get Sting!

On 19.6.2014 22:43 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
get *a lot* from one-handed weapons*

On 22.6.2014 22:28 Thraalbeast wrote:
Really good damage output with Narsil and Fiona. Just got several higher resists and reflection into the kit too.

On 23.6.2014 21:51 Thraalbeast wrote:
Like a lucky day at the bowling hall, they all fall! Except a Shambler in the Arena. I needed that loss to slow down, feeling powerful is NOT a good thing in this game.

On 23.6.2014 22:46 debo wrote:
Infernal deal or fleet of foot could be good cl40 godgifts

On 23.6.2014 22:48 debo wrote:
Remember the berskerker holy trinity:

- vamp
- antimagic
- resist tele

On 23.6.2014 23:02 Thraalbeast wrote:
Thanks! First time berserker for me, I can use some hints.
I've been thinking Fleet of foot but will look at Infernal deal too.
I haven't seen vamp, antimagic or resist tele yet, but at least I've got reflection and good resists as well as much hp for cL32.

On 23.6.2014 23:42 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
If you don't get any sources of Speed at clvl 40, get Fleet of foot.

On 24.6.2014 19:32 debo wrote:
I think Fleet of Foot is good regardless of speed, since your only real defense as a berserker is to run away while casting recall. Of course, that implies that you need to be able to wade through the hordes of stuff that have been summoned around you, but that's a whole other problem :D

On 24.6.2014 19:32 debo wrote:
Actually that potion chugger thing might also be worth a look, I've never really explored how that works.

On 24.6.2014 20:31 Thraalbeast wrote:
Walked in the middle of a big room when attacked by a summoner. Possibly the Chaos tile. Quickly surrounded by hoards of bad stuff as well as being attacked by ranged spells. The killing event was some 'shrooms early in the fight polymorphing me so that I lost Massacre. A few *healing* would have worked too, but those were at home. I just managed to get through to the Chaos tile when killed.

Anyway - Berserkers are great fun and a good way to learn the game. You get to difficult places quickly without too much effort.

On 24.6.2014 20:37 debo wrote:
Did you have earthquake yet? It's a great way to limit monster LOS when stuff like this happens.

On 24.6.2014 21:15 Thraalbeast wrote:
I had, but not available. I lost my rage spells due to the polymorph or perhaps due to an anti magic effect from the magic mushrooms.

On 24.6.2014 21:17 Thraalbeast wrote:
Next time I won't save up them *healing* at home, I'll bring them along. Also I could stay closer to the walls as well as probably get fleet of foot as the first skill. I had forgot how slowly you build up speed in Poscheng

On 24.6.2014 21:38 debo wrote:
*Healing* is a good idea. Leaving those at home killed my best berserker. You had rC+++ and rShards+++, so you were immune to potion destruction from those, although there are always weird rare unresistable elements that can blow stuff up (I think gravity or inertia or force or one of those can do it). They're fairly rare, though.

On 24.6.2014 21:39 debo wrote:
Also, I love how all of your stuff except two slots are cursed ^__^

On 25.6.2014 13:25 chris wrote:
Sound will blow up potions as well.

>Berserkers are great fun
I agree with this.

>and a good way to learn the game.
I'm not sure I agree with this. They are grossly OP in the early game and you will be shocked by how weak other classes seem. At least this was my experience: Having learned Hengband on Berserkers I was unable to play anything else for almost two years. Also, Berserkers are probably the hardest class to win with, so you open yourself up to a lot of frustration (e.g. recall down and get swarmed by 95 Great Wyrms of Space Time, etc.).

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