The Angband Ladder: Ethiaa, High-Elf Sorceror by <>

Posted on 10.6.2003 23:44

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On 10.6.2003 23:44 wrote:
Ultimate quest broken! And i knew how to do it too. First sorceror in tome and first dump ever.

On 11.6.2003 01:29 wrote:
Hmm, looks like I have competition for first to win ultimate quest :)

On 11.6.2003 22:05 wrote:
Yep. I looked through the ladder halfway through the void when i figured how to do it (i'll tell when i finish the new release :) ). No gods so far, good i thought. But denied! The thread on r.g.r.a (eru illuvatar) is still going. i have no inside knowledge and i think fumblefingers shouldn't be able to give new skills, but i think he should definately be there at the end.

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