The Angband Ladder: Stones, Hobbit Rogue by <>

Posted on 11.6.2014 00:50
Last updated on 11.6.2014 15:03

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On 11.6.2014 00:50 wrote:
After the tragic death of his brother Sticks, Stones decided to take his time preparing for a dungeon descent. After 2 million turns on levels one and two, he's got a whip of westernesse, some shiny Gold Dragon Scale armor, and a few other nice trinkets. And yes, he did find and sell Wrath of God; couldn't have been a mage book....

On 11.6.2014 15:03 wrote:
Alas, less than 1 mil turns later, Stones gets baked. Oh well.

On 11.6.2014 23:11 Philip wrote:
If you noticed, 2 million turns on level one is risk-free. But while a whip of westernesse is amazing, 2 million turns is a lot of time even in real-time. With diving you will die more, sooner, but faster, and eventually maybe not die. Spending this much time on a minor boost to survivability is somewhat wasteful. You got baked because you didn't know how the game worked that well. For example, for a non-full caster, the only relevant stat is CON. There are plenty of monsters to avoid entirely. You find out which ones by dying.

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