The Angband Ladder: Sexy Melarena, Android Berserker by <>

Posted on 1.6.2003 02:36
Last updated on 1.6.2003 16:15

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8717. on the Ladder (of 18813)
382. on the Hengband Ladder (of 696)
43. for this player (out of 105)

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On 1.6.2003 16:15 wrote:
Damn, I hate Combat Echizen. He just kept firing rockets. Potions of healing wouldn't heal enough to keep me alive, and if I moved towards stairs instead I just died even faster. In any other var I would have been fine hiding behind a nearby pile of rubble, but not in Heng ;_;

On 29.1.2007 21:15 keiseth(xATx) wrote:
Ouch. That didn't look like a fun fight at all. My Ninja isn't anywhere near ready for Angband yet, but if he gets there I'm going to keep an eye out for the Echizen...

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