The Angband Ladder: Gladanc, Gnome Rogue by fruviad

Posted on 31.3.2014 03:30
Last updated on 19.5.2014 04:53

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On 31.3.2014 17:04 krazyhades wrote:
Looking alright! I love vanilla rogues.

On 31.3.2014 18:03 fruviad wrote:
I tend to play my characters pretty conservatively (and I still usually die before Morgoth ever hears I'm in the facility!)

This is one of my first 3.5 characters. Greatly enjoying the new version.

On 3.4.2014 04:42 fruviad wrote:
Desperately searching for +speed

On 5.4.2014 13:27 fruviad wrote:
Wish I had more speed...

On 7.4.2014 04:53 fruviad wrote:
I was obsessing about speed and somehow swapped out my see invis. Realized it when I was beaten down quickly by something I couldn't see...

On 9.4.2014 04:18 fruviad wrote:
today's secret word is POTION OF EXPERIENCE

On 13.5.2014 22:17 fruviad wrote:
Until I found several rings/boots of speed in a really nice vault on DL61, I wasn't sure that they still existed in 3.5. That vault transformed this character. (Got ~+18 speed, and the Mace of Disruption of Extra Attacks.) I still feel as though I'm hitting a point ~DL75 where I'm just not managing to keep up with the monsters. (Note: I'm a long-time player, never a winner.) Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

On 19.5.2014 05:34 debo wrote:
This character seems like it would have been strong enough to win if you'd rekitted somehow.

Specifically, you only had +1 Con from equipment. There's a an upper bound for Con (I think it's 18/200), and you would almost certainly want to rearrange your equipment to hit that maximum if you can manage it. MaxHP increases drastically at the extreme high end of the Con scale.

On 19.5.2014 08:13 UglySquirrell wrote:
Sorry they got you. You managed to kill the Tarrasque this time which is one of the *Tough* uniques, along with Cantoras unfortunately so is Carcharoth, he has ended many of my guys.

Like debo said getting con maxed or close to it is really important, you are also missing some key resists, namely Poison and Chaos. I always try and cover shards too but i'm paranoid. Those first 2 though are really important though there are a lot of really big poison breathers after level 30 and chaos has potentially fatal side effects.

Rings of damage are nice but +5 speed and damage, from Narya will probably end up doing as much if not more damage. and you get fire imm. wich is huge. Thorin is imo probably the best artifact in the game and i always fit it in if i can find it.

I like playing Kobolds myself, innate poison resist is really helpful when working out an endgame kit. Gnomes are nice, but most of the gloves that you end up getting already have free action.

You made it really far on this guy, you will get it soon enough :)

On 19.5.2014 10:19 nic wrote:
Free action and Poison resistance are absolute needs.
Check out the mon-info.spo when you meet anything unknown.

Without Poison resistance you are likely see the famous last words
"Something wretches. You die."

One of the worst:
The Drolem (Green 'g')
Lev: 44. A constructed dragon that may breathe poison (733 HP),

On 20.5.2014 00:06 fruviad wrote:
The poison resist was a known problem. I went with it instead of the amulet of Trickery (which gave rPoison) because I needed the rNether. Trusted in the spell Resistance for my rPoison.

Oh well...I'm more or less convinced that I'll never kill Morgoth, but I have fun trying, nonetheless.

PS...thanks are due to Fizzix for his sessions on Twitch. I've picked up one or two tips watching him play (but not enough, obviously.)

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