The Angband Ladder: John Doe, Demigod High-Mage by Arjen

Posted on 26.3.2014 12:11
Last updated on 28.3.2014 16:45

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740. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
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On 26.3.2014 12:11 Arjen wrote:
Time for another Hexer

Most of the time I'm using the 2 curses for weak stuff, combined with Infernal Deal= Infinite Mana! The Orc Caves quest was too easy. ;)

Using Shine a lot as the curses are just not strong enough anymore and tick off everybody every turn, too much rage... Should have chosen to remove the ticked off status.

Just finished off my 2nd camelot knight (stunned with dsm and finish (with trouble) with Shine), 1st one was Kain who just a painless quick death. But suddenly I've the urge to make melee worthwhile...

On 26.3.2014 12:44 Arjen wrote:
Normally I don't update this quick, but... how often do you find your 4th book before your 3rd!? Thank you BW quest! And a !Str made me use my weapon more freely, +20 tohit. :) The RNG is strong in this one. I'll die soon of RNG OD.

On 28.3.2014 16:45 Arjen wrote:
So after a while I remembered that hexer are *not* actual magic users, but more warriors with an interesting array of buffs. I'm screwed.... :)

I really need to find a !oNewLife 89/100 liferate and /70!! Con just give you crappy hp. lvl 35 with only this much... Most bigtime breathers can one shoot me, so lvling up is so hard right now.

Did manage to kill Smaug thanks to a stack o ?oIce (400 damage per ?). He even was stunned after the 6th scroll.

But really, I need a (few) !oNewLife fast

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