The Angband Ladder: Shotbot, Android Sniper by Roch

Posted on 25.3.2014 11:07
Last updated on 2.4.2014 06:58

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5443. on the Ladder (of 18817)
400. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
37. for this player (out of 145)


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On 25.3.2014 11:07 Roch wrote:
Melee sniper, pretty good stuff for a warrior, but nothing much doing in the shooter department.

On 27.3.2014 04:47 Roch wrote:
O.k., I'm gettting a sense for the power of the sniper. One-shotting uniques is pretty cool I must say, but yes also possibly OP.

On 27.3.2014 05:27 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
It's not so OP when facing dudes like Shauma-Gorath. :B

On 27.3.2014 07:53 Roch wrote:
Cl 47, dl 43
Jack gave up his cloak and fingolfin, so I think I'm finally a go for the cloning pits.

On 27.3.2014 08:33 Roch wrote:
Cloning pits: with heroic stealth and seeker arrows, the summoners went down quickly. Nothing much to show for it though; Anarion gives another level to 48.

On 28.3.2014 04:12 Roch wrote:
Old Castle was fine, this guy is pretty badass. Now on the hunt for a good crossbow, a better archery ring, and more seeker ammo.

On 28.3.2014 06:14 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
>Rocket Launcher 45 60 0% dam 350

Rocket Launcher at 0% failure = serious business

On 28.3.2014 06:18 Roch wrote:
Cesti of the Sniper, and the jewel of judgment. I lose two levels with the cesti, but likely worth it.

On 28.3.2014 06:23 Roch wrote:
And with the black arrow of bard doing 1850 vs dragons i suppose i ought to spend some time in the dragons' lair.

On 2.4.2014 06:35 Roch wrote:
Reforged a crossbow using the long sword of the dawn, pretty good result with con boost and an extra shot.

On 2.4.2014 06:58 Roch wrote:
Fat-fingered an ill-advised run past typhoeus, a quest monster.

On 2.4.2014 07:16 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Typhoeus can be extremely nasty these days.

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