The Angband Ladder: XizziF3, Gnome Rogue by darkdrone

Posted on 24.3.2014 10:07

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21. on the Competition No.154 Ladder (of 24)


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On 24.3.2014 10:07 darkdrone wrote:
As usual ... first few died due to me having a Chaos-Warrior hangover-playstyle. CSW and CCW are rather low availability. swapping between ring of the Mouse for Ranged attacks and the Teleportation for the +2 speed. no +STR potions yet so doing max damage with the Whip of Venom. had to store the rest of the heavy Awl-Pikes @ Home.... lacking the energy to dive... due to rBase holes. Still don't know if i should swap the rAcid armor for the Red Dragon ? can't carry both as i go to -1 speed....

On 24.3.2014 10:43 darkdrone wrote:
the reason of the dismal turncount/exp is the time i spend in the upper levels trying to scrounge enough $ to buy a few WoR to return to deep level.

then i return and have to scrounge for $ for CSW/CCW.


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