The Angband Ladder: Merle, Amberite Chaos-Warrior by Aethel27

Posted on 15.3.2014 18:20
Last updated on 16.3.2014 07:46

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34. on the Competition No.153 Ladder (of 47)


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On 15.3.2014 18:20 wrote:
First attempt..... for a first time player..... lets see how badly I fail and die. Note the warhammer was cursed for a while.

On 15.3.2014 19:57 Aethel27 wrote:
Well my previous post I didnt think to create an account first so here is an update on my character.

On 15.3.2014 20:15 Aethel27 wrote:
Update... fun killing grishnaks orcs

On 15.3.2014 20:15 Aethel27 wrote:
and just now realised that my lantern is cursed now that I look at the dump :/

On 15.3.2014 20:33 Aethel27 wrote:
Advice on where to go from here would be appreciated :)

On 15.3.2014 22:10 ranger jeff wrote:
As another first timer, now on my 2nd character, read scrolls of remove curse to uncurse your stuff. There are monsters that curse your stuff, so you have to keep watching out for that.

And where to go? There's 5 towns, get to Morivant at least. Orc Caves, Forest, Labyrinth, and Icky Caves are all shallow, and when you get to the bottom and beat the boss you get a free statgain which is nice.

But beware of out of depth stuff, at least the guys you recognize from Angband. I knew I should have fled from that Greater Titan with my first character... Would've been nice to have full monster knowledge with the savefile...

And there's all kind of wierdness with PosChengband that you won't expect or know about. I guess, for instance, once your AC is about 120, fire and acid attacks no longer damage your stuff, even without immunity (I think...)

On 15.3.2014 22:12 ranger jeff wrote:
And, you got great mutations! +4 Con, teleport at will, AND TELEPATHY!!!

On 15.3.2014 22:13 ranger jeff wrote:
Oh, and don't go to level 20 anywhere until you get free action, and hopefully SI.

On 16.3.2014 02:40 Aethel27 wrote:
Ok :), got rid of my curses' and just had a good time wiping out the king of the yeeks in the forest... had to run from some spawners though. Thank Slaanesh for that teleport ability. Saved my hide several times. And got rid of the need to have a phase door scroll or teleport scroll on me. My wand of clone monster is fun when I find a high xp monster that I can kill easily. Still havent found any glloves of fa so I can wear gloves with out penalty. Oh well and thank you for teh advice on the lvl 20 stuff about SI.

On 16.3.2014 05:04 Aethel27 wrote:
Here is the update of ho far I am right now... will expand it later.

On 16.3.2014 07:46 Aethel27 wrote:
Woot got several nice new weapons but sold the acid tanto. I have a buisillard of slay undead and an awlpike of slay*giant* and a kopesh of frost or something. Personally like my warhammer most but also want ot get the best out of my awl pike after looking at its stats.

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