The Angband Ladder: Talagar XLIII, High-Elf Warrior by Nomad

Posted on 29.9.2013 19:26
Last updated on 1.10.2013 01:16

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4074. on the Ladder (of 18813)
1290. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
Third best for this player (out of 26)


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On 29.9.2013 19:26 Nomad wrote:
Well, I'm sure I'm still more than capable of losing this game, but it won't be because the RNG was cruel to me with randarts. Two immunities, speed at base 32, and every resist covered apart from chaos. (Which I could cover easily enough just by swapping amulets, but at the cost of 3 points of CON I'd rather not lose.) Probably the best kit I've ever had in a randart game.

On 29.9.2013 20:59 Nomad wrote:
And now I have three immunities covered... Looking good.

On 30.9.2013 21:01 Estie wrote:
Love that chainmail

On 1.10.2013 00:32 Nomad wrote:
Character level 50, 96 uniques dead; ready as I'll ever be.

Going down...

On 1.10.2013 01:16 Nomad wrote:
Yaaaay! First win since my one and only previous success a few years ago in the notoriously unbalanced v3.1.2. Morgoth battle was much harder this time around, and ended up being a very close-run thing: I didn't think to go back to town to grab my mushrooms of Vigor or stock up on more Phase Door, so my resources were running very low by the end. I used up all my !CCW and !Healing, went down to 9 !*Healing* and one !Life, and ran out of sources of phase/teleportation just as I got Morgoth down to his last star.

Pretty proud of this win; it felt much more earned than the last one, which was aided by some ridiculously overpowered finds very early on in the game. I guess the next goal is to win as something other than a warrior. Maybe in another three years...

On 1.10.2013 11:09 Estie wrote:
grats :)
sweet weapon too, what is it based on ?

On 1.10.2013 12:29 Nomad wrote:
Yeah, I was pretty pleased to find that late in the game. (It only had +5 to hit bonus when I found it, but I managed to enchant that up a bit.) Turns out it was actually based on Deathwreaker.

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