The Angband Ladder: Sliver, Dwarf Ranger by <>

Posted on 28.8.2013 17:28
Last updated on 5.9.2013 22:54

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3090. on the Ladder (of 18807)
780. on the Angband Ladder (of 6394)
17. for this player (out of 36)


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On 28.8.2013 17:28 wrote:
Good start?
Did *win* a few years ago, my second serious shot at it!

On 29.8.2013 18:22 Thraalbeast wrote:

On 29.8.2013 23:12 wrote:
Found the Bow of Bard:)

On 2.9.2013 13:18 wrote:
found this vault... so many things...

On 2.9.2013 15:05 Thraalbeast wrote:
A Ranger with Thorin, Bard and Ringil already! Nice, I've never seen Ringil closer than in someone else's dump. You should build a temple to the RNG! Not sure how, but maybe once the devs have managed to cross Angband with minecraft?

Advice - Always stay far away (leave level) from Aether and Time hounds. Grand master mystics are a pain unless you get pStun but even then they also summon hounds which I dont like. Gravity hounds are bad too.

I see you keep a swap for rNexus, that is advisable. Look out for Aether hounds, Dracolisk, Kavlax, Greater Basilisk, Nexus ...

I'd probably get rShard if I were you, or keep looking out for the shard breathers (gelugon, ... balance ... law ... crystal, Huan, Kavlax, Kronos and Aether hounds)

On 2.9.2013 23:15 Thraalbeast wrote:
Maybe carry some ?Destruction or ?Teleport Level
?Teleport is not very safe at these depths.

On 4.9.2013 01:51 wrote:
more stuff...

On 4.9.2013 23:09 wrote:
another vault. ditched umbar.. bad move?

On 5.9.2013 10:20 donalde wrote:
xbows and slings have little value to ranger, as they get 2 xtra shots on clvl 40. so good move.

On 5.9.2013 19:30 wrote:
enough stuff to take down Sauron?

On 5.9.2013 21:11 Thraalbeast wrote:
Sure, but bring some healing and avoid large open spaces. rShard would be nice at least for Morgoth since his earthquakes and summons may lead to multiple shard breathers in LoS every now and then. But (mass) banish are also useful as are tele away, ?phase and ?destruction.

On 5.9.2013 22:54 wrote:
almost died twice while looting...
i will try to wrap things up, pretty soon

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