The Angband Ladder: Tywyr, Half-Ogre Sorceror by <>

Posted on 21.8.2013 16:25
Last updated on 26.8.2013 21:32

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On 21.8.2013 16:25 wrote:
Former Melkor worshipping sorceror, now Manwe worshipper for the speed and flying (when I get the piety). Going to potion scum and head for the Void with this guy. With Udun, sorcery, targeted teleport and effective hp from symbiosis, and a few lucky thaum spells (destruction blast), this guy controls the playing field completely.

On 26.8.2013 21:32 wrote:
Void winner! Used runestone of warding for sea of runes, anchor of space-time, manathrust and strike. Used one Restore Mana. Never actually got him myself. My symbiant did take a couple hits, but those were healed with the skill. This was actually kind of easy compared to last time, because I had the spell for Genocide, which I used liberally in the Void and Nether Realm.

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