The Angband Ladder: Squirrel, Half-Titan Beastmaster by UglySquirrell

Posted on 20.4.2013 22:18
Last updated on 22.4.2013 22:43

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On 20.4.2013 22:57 UglySquirrell wrote:
Just had to post before i'm struck by lightning. Took a chance and used teleport other on Kavlax, and a Great Crystal Drake, in a vault on 32. Luckily it worked. So cleaning up i found the Chainmail of Arvedu, and went back to town, feeling quite happy with myself.

I went to the general store to restock, and in the back corner, behind the lamps and torches, saw a cloak just gathering dust.

The Cloak ' Shambler' (+6, +7) [1, +18] (+2 to Stealth ) {InChSlIf;ElShBBlCfSo; Fa [E}
Item Attributes:
A Traveller's sturdy outer garment.
It affects your intelligence.
It affects your charisma.
It affects your stealth.
It affects your infravision.
It provides immunity to paralysis.
It provides resistance to electricity.
It provides resistance to blindness.
It provides resistance to confusion.
It provides resistance to sound.
It provides resistance to shards.
It produces an electric sheath.
It cannot be harmed by the elements.

So now at C level 28, i have all resistances covered except time :)

On 21.4.2013 09:41 Arjen wrote:
And nether, but that's a nice cloak :)

On 22.4.2013 22:49 UglySquirrell wrote:
Oh yeah, thanks. Covered it now. Went int the Dragons lair, and found a safe spot to cast summon monster. Now i have a Great Wyrm of Law, and a Jabberwock.

Was killing a greter Balrog, in an open room (=duh) and went from full to 24 hp, when he summoned an Iron Lich. Lesson learned :)

It's been a long time since i've played Hengband, and i have never played Chengband or Poschengband. I'm having lots of fun though, any tips on who to avoid, would be appreciated.

On 22.4.2013 23:33 chris wrote:
I'd be cautious at L60 until you get more hitpoints.

Some differences from Hengband are that many breaths might now prove fatal if you lack resistance. For example, nether can do 650hp unresisted while it only did 550hp in Hengband. Sounds, Shards and Chaos likewise deserve similar respect. Also, elemental breathers (especially Great Wyrms of Many Colors, Tiamat, Norsa, Shamblers) can be much more formidable since you can't really shut down their damage with double resistance like you used to be able to do. On the other hand, you can now get multiple sources of any resistance and this is quite beneficial. Double resisting shards when fighting Cyberdemons is rather nice.

As for uniques, there are so many dangerous ones its hard to know where to begin :) Use your probing power and play cautiously is my best advice. Always carry healing and don't be shy about using it.

On 23.4.2013 02:37 UglySquirrell wrote:
Thanks for the quick response, one of the reasons i chose a Half Titan, was for the innate racial probing ability. I use it on everything :).

I need to edit my post a little, i have played some of the monster classes in Poschengband. Hound, Jelly, and Angel. but died around level 20. What i meant is i have not got very far in this variant.

I'm a little confused about the resistance values though, if i remember correctly, the base elements can do a maxed 1600
unresisted damage. At 50% resist that's still 800. Is this correct? If so i have been real lucky.

One more question, The Amber lords curse you when you kill them. (more than a few prior deaths) is this affected by spell save? Maybe wear an ant magic amulet when you kill them.

Oh, found out one really cool thing about having a high charm skill. Quylthulg are much more fun, when there on your side.

On 23.4.2013 04:26 chris wrote:
All of the breath amounts have been changed ... For example, Fire/Cold/Acid/Elec now cap at 900hp rather than 1600hp. But single resistance is only 50% so you take 450 vs 66% resistance for 533. And two resists is now 65% for 315 vs 89% resistance for only a mere 177 damage. I can spoil all the new damage amounts if you like.

For the bloodcurse, antimagic is a great idea. It will make the statue effect impossible which dramatically reduces the odds of unavoidable insta-death. But you still might die from a nasty combination of summons so Amberites are always risky. Kill them at as shallow a depth as possible, make sure you are at full hp when you land the killing blow, try to have resistance active, and, if you are really paranoid, anti-magic as well. I usually skip this last, and every year or so I regret it. But it's such a hassle to always carry an anti-magic amulet just for the off chance you meet an Amberite.

On 23.4.2013 05:30 UglySquirrell wrote:
Cool, i really like the idea of more than one resist being beneficial. It makes gear choices a lot more interesting. As opposed to just resist, double resist, and immunity. For the first time in any band, i might actually use an amulet of resistance, instead of a stat boosting one.

I don't think i need to know the exact numbers, but Thanks for the offer.

Is absorption possible if you get a resist high enough?

Thanks for the tip on the Amberites. I will save them for when i'm 50+. And riding my Great Wyrm of Power :)

On 23.4.2013 09:07 UglySquirrell wrote:
lol, not sure what the hell happened.

You found a trap !
There is a flash of shimmering light !
You feel a surge of energy !
The Shadow hound is unharmed
The magma vein turns to mud !
The granite wall turns into mud
The quartz vein turns into mud !
The young white dragon is unharmed.
The BByakhee is unharmed etc.
You feel a sudden stirring nearby !
You feel like a Statue !
You are paralized !
The Cyberdemon hits you.

and so on for 8 pages until i finally die.

I just finished clearing a room and was going back to an area i had already been in, so not sure where the trap came from.

Was on level 45, even a summoning trap shouldnt summon Cyberdemons there should it?

Any idea what paralyzed me?

Oh well, back to the drawing board i guess. Maybe a Lazy one this time.

On 23.4.2013 09:10 UglySquirrell wrote:
Woop's my death dump did not save. Not sure what i did.

On 23.4.2013 14:26 chris wrote:
Ouch. That trap was the "evil rune" and it has the same effect as an Amberite's blood curse. Looks like you got Cyberdemons and the statue effect. That's just not fair!

On 23.4.2013 19:28 UglySquirrell wrote:
kneels to mighty range god . This gives me a chance to try an Aphrodite worshiping Demigod with Cult of personality. seems made for a Beastmaster :)

Just curious does Loremaster still get the ability to probe monsters, or was that just in Chengband.

On 23.4.2013 19:58 chris wrote:
That was just Chengband. Also, Loremaster only identifies on pickup rather than *identify*. But rods of probing are fairly common ...

On 23.4.2013 20:54 UglySquirrell wrote:
Thanks for the feedback, it looks like another perk of being Aphrodite spawn, is high selling prices at stores. So researching monsters will be an option too. Well back at er, ill walk a little more softly this time though.

On 23.4.2013 23:36 UglySquirrell wrote:
Sorry, just one more (well 2 more questions) does Arcane Mastery work to decrease spellrates for the Lazy personality?
and do more than one item with the Aggravate flag, decreases the stealth of a shadowfairy more.

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