The Angband Ladder: Patience II, Dunadan Paladin by WildKhaine

Posted on 31.3.2013 15:43
Last updated on 2.4.2013 03:38

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11. on the Competition No.137 Ladder (of 15)


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On 31.3.2013 15:43 WildKhaine wrote:
Alright, guess I'll give this one more try.

On 31.3.2013 22:12 ranger jeff wrote:
Note the competition win parameters. Not a speed competition. Go down a couple levels, come up and get a ?Recall, go down to 4 or 5, read the scroll. If there are no ?Recalls to buy, go down to 1st level, rest 5000 turns, go up, get your scrolls. Have 5 on hand at all times. Have some more in your home. Unlike recent versions, old 3.0.6 doesn't guarantee you stuff like ?Recalls and ammunition, so horde them when you see them.

On 31.3.2013 22:41 WildKhaine wrote:
Thanks for the advice but I'm well aware of all that.

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