The Angband Ladder: Ezel, Half-Troll Mage by <>

Posted on 27.3.2013 16:20

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On 27.3.2013 16:20 wrote:
Mage is quite unique. You only care about 3 things: Int, Con and Speed. Your weapon means nothing except what bonuses it gives you.

This is quite liberating in early and mid game. In late game it's totally boring. I had basically my finished gear set by level 45. I only found a +10 speed weapon, and realized I had enough int I could switch out my 5int/speed weapon, late game.

I had a needless 55 base speed with a full inv of consumables. Mage is powerful, mage is kind of boring, since gear is what makes or breaks this game, and mages don't care much about gear beyond the limited stuff I mentioned.

Also, did I get bad hp rolls, or is my hp as half-troll mage normal? Do normal mages have like 850 hp? *shivers*

This is also my 5th character in a row. The only class left is ranger, which saddens me a bit. I can't believe how much more annoying it's going to be to play with 40 stack sizes as ranger with ammo.

On 27.3.2013 21:41 Estie wrote:
Just because you get more attacks with a longbow doesnt mean you have to use archery a lot.

On 27.3.2013 22:05 wrote:
I acknowledge what you're saying... but I don't know that I really agree. If you're not going to use archery, why aren't you either playing rogue, or even a warrior?

I mean, for challenge purposes, I've done such things as playing a melee mage and never casting a single spell. But that's just for making up new challenges for yourself. If you're not doing something like that, I don't really see a reason to play ranger without largely using your bow.

Again, there could be exceptions, like you find the best weapon you've ever seen, or get an amulet of +2 attacks like my warrior found. But in general, why play ranger without archery? I'd just play a rogue or warrior, as I said.

On 27.3.2013 22:25 wrote:
Oh, and I forgot to mention the other reason. I've done (by FAR) the most damage per round with a ranger using his bow than any other character class. I've done in excess of 2000 per round with slay evil arrows vs morgoth. Two characters of mine did that, though one barely hit the 2k mark.


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