The Angband Ladder: Goatmog, Demon Monster by Arjen

Posted on 24.3.2013 22:49

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On 24.3.2013 22:49 Arjen wrote:
Interesting, from being a monster wielding weapons, you evolve into a monster who can't. Kinda destroyed my damage. ;) From 150+ to 80+. +2 speed and 2 more resses doesn't make that right. Especially when you loose Chaos res twice (form+weapon) and poison (bow).

So lost:
- weapon, bow and gloves slot
- Cold, Poison, Chaos x2 res
- 50% damage
- regenerate

-2 ring slots (=ofear)
-Dis nexus res

Tough improvement. Sure is a chaotic monster race. ;)

On 24.3.2013 22:49 Arjen wrote:
ow and +2 speed gained

On 24.3.2013 22:51 Arjen wrote:
actually lost Poison from form, but gained conf from form. Lot's of changes.

On 24.3.2013 23:49 chris wrote:
You'll be happy when you can use weapons again ... Trust me :)

On 25.3.2013 00:02 Arjen wrote:
yeah, the multi weapon deal :)

On 25.3.2013 00:10 chris wrote:
I think you are thinking of Tanar'ri which eventually evolve into the Marilith, a female demon with 3 pairs of arms. The ultimate form for Servants of Khorne is something else ... You'll see once you hit CL40. And the boss reward is something extra nice as well!

Hopefully you didn't pick this by mistake?

On 25.3.2013 00:29 Arjen wrote:
NO, picked this because I started with a blade of chaos, I just think I mixed them up, Bloodthristers might not get more swords, but they should be fun to play. But clvl 40 is a long way... Who is my boss? Gothmog?

On 25.3.2013 00:59 chris wrote:
Mephistopheles is the boss for servants of Khorne and Tanar'ri. Gothmog is the boss for Balrogs. Oremorj is the boss for Cyberdemons.

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