The Angband Ladder: clouded, Longbeard Warrior by clouded

Posted on 27.2.2013 07:26
Last updated on 27.2.2013 09:02

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350. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
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On 27.2.2013 07:26 clouded wrote:
Posting an early dump because having killed two early player ghosts (at depth:13), I got artefacts from both!

On 27.2.2013 09:02 clouded wrote:
Ah damn, a druid(?) paralysed me and that was the end.

On 27.2.2013 09:03 clouded wrote:
The "oh god" in the notes before the death was entering the level next to an umber hulk pit, though I just teleported away.

On 27.2.2013 09:06 clouded wrote:
Looks like druids don't have paralyse, not sure what it was then. It was a large vault full of 'p's, I was inside the vaults and phased out, something paralysed me when I landed.

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