The Angband Ladder: Whitey, Human Mage by Bombadil

Posted on 20.1.2013 04:13
Last updated on 5.2.2013 01:12

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On 21.1.2013 21:13 emulord wrote:
Low stats, 1 blow per round, 43 SP... I don't know how you manage. It seems like killing orc packs would be slow and somewhat risky because of low stealth.
You need stat potions so much, maybe replace amulet of resist acid (redundant) with amulet of intelligence?

On 21.1.2013 21:46 Bombadil wrote:
Human mages are very weak and that is what I like about playing this guy. Everything is challenging initially.

My orc pack strategy is to fight on my terms.

I find a long hallway and either use spear of light (on light sensitive varieties) or lightning bolt repeatedly to soften up a whole pile of them at once.

By the time I run out of SP they are all pretty much down to a fraction of their life and I can finish them off with melee / shooting arrows / shooting fire from Narthanc / and magic missile as point regen allows.

If I run into trouble I teleport out and come back when I am refreshed.

I really havent had much luck so far in terms of finding helpful items.

I will hang out around 1500' and pick and choose my battles and try to improve this guy.

Regarding the amulet, yup its useless and I need to replace it.

On 27.1.2013 03:42 Bombadil wrote:
Still alive, and trying to build my stats.

On 28.1.2013 04:56 Bombadil wrote:
I got a nice upgrade on my shield, and I have been blessed with many good cloaks.

I moved down to 2000 feet and ran into a nether wraith that hit pretty hard, I suppose I should make nether resistance a priority.

Any input is welcome. Am I too deep? Too shallow? What is my biggest need?

On 28.1.2013 13:44 Paffa wrote:
Depth seems fine to me but you'll definitely need more constitution, swap either of those rings to +3 or more con ring. More hp makes everything easier. Don't go much deeper until you've gotten your con reasonably higher, hope for con potions :)

On 28.1.2013 15:56 Bombadil wrote:
OK I'll probably hang around 2000 and be careful until my con gets near max.

On 29.1.2013 04:16 Bombadil wrote:
Tonight I found 2 potions of augmentation which I put to good use towards achieving max stats.

I also found a ring of constitution +4 which I am now using instead of the ring of bodykeeping.

I had another close call with a nether bolt (I think it was from an Emperor Wight) which brought me down to 35 hp!

Those nether bolts are scary!

On 30.1.2013 02:01 Bombadil wrote:
Good loot is appearing everywhere now.

In just a couple trips I found Armour of Himring, boots of Thor, Mordenkainens, and lots of stat potions.

I picked up nether resist and fear resist, and gave up nexus resist.

Im starting to accumulate mana/healing/*healing* as I run across them, and I have started down from 2000.....

I also just noticed that my cloaks poison resist is redundant now and I have several good cloaks in storage -- which to pick?

Any input is welcome!

On 30.1.2013 05:24 Bagplant wrote:
I've been working on low stealth mages in 3.4.1 myself, half-troll mages in my case (I know, I'm crazy) partly in the interest of seeing whether a low-stealth fast diving play style is viable in 3.4.1. (Jury is still out). They tend to reach stat gain and then die somewhere between 1500' and 2000. Nice to see from your dump that it's possible, although I think I would go mad diving as slowly as you have been.

Regarding the cloak question, I don't think there is one clear standout so it's probably just personal preference.

On 30.1.2013 21:21 Paffa wrote:
I'd go with the magi cloak, more intelligence is always nice and it would give you another confusion resistance source so you could replace Thengel once you find something more valuable

On 31.1.2013 03:31 Bombadil wrote:
I moved down to 2500 feet and still going strong. I found Tensers Transformation and a few more stat potions.

Blindness is becoming an annoyance to me now, so something with prevent blindness would be nice.

On 1.2.2013 03:37 Bombadil wrote:
I found the Shield Celegorm, so I have added both rDark and pBlind, I have also maxed my Self CON now.

I found the plate mail of Isildur, but I cant make use of it yet. I cant give up my Hard Leather Armour of Himring as it is the only Nether resist I have.

Inventory space is becoming very difficult to manage now. I am saving a bunch of stat gain potions (to use as stat restore potions) later, maybe this is a waste of space. I miss that stat restore potions...

My weapon could be better, but I dont melee that much yet.

Some things hit really really hard down here. Something almost killed me with poison (I think Shelob) which suprised me. I am starting to feel a little more uncomfortable down here around 2750.

On 2.2.2013 06:15 Bombadil wrote:
I upgraded my weapons to the Battle Axe of Balli Stonehand and the Short Bow of Amrod.

I have been avoiding really tough battles for the most part, looking more for low risk high reward scenarios.

I need to find a Kelek Grimoire, any idea how deep these start to appear?

On 3.2.2013 01:29 Bombadil wrote:
3500 feet down now.

Loot and death around every corner. I still havent found a Kelek's but I have discovered the power of rift...

I have a lot of gear, if anyone has any comments I'm all ears.

I do have one question, do mages have a weight limit on their armor slot? I seem to get a penalty message if I try to wear the full plate armor of Isildur.

On 3.2.2013 14:25 Paffa wrote:
Yes they do, but it only cuts your max SP, not too big a deal if it doesn't go down serious.

I'd recommend changing your weapon to Orome, shield to Thoring and replacing that damage ring with a nice INT ring. Also as a mage, you shouldn't need stat sustains *that* much, so I'd got with the ESP or magi amulet. With the intelligence boost you should be able to use rift as your main damage dealer. Belthronding does nice damage as well with branded arrows.

Kelek's should begin to appear around level 80, but I can't guarantee anything.. Most shallow depth I've found it has been level 27 :D

On 4.2.2013 04:48 Bombadil wrote:
Found Keleks now.

I need more speed, I have a speed ring +10 in storage, I'll have to juggle my gear around to see how to work that in.

On 5.2.2013 01:12 Bombadil wrote:
I cast a create door thinking that Ancalagon couldnt breath through a closed door.

I guess I was wrong.

Oh well I guess I should have just teleported level after the first breath.

On 5.2.2013 04:57 Bagplant wrote:
I'm pretty sure he needs line of sight, which I would have expected the doors to block. My guess would be that something else opened one of them before he had his move and gave him line of sight? There did seem to be other creatures in the area from the messages. Without knowing the map layout at time of death it's hard to say for sure.

Tough luck, but congrats on getting so far with a challenging race/class combo (3.4.1 also seems to have bumped up the difficulty a bit compared to earlier versions). Best of luck with your next character.

On 6.2.2013 22:54 Paffa wrote:
That's how it probably went, creatures can't breath through a closed door.

Tough luck, I feel sorry for you :/ You should have teleported yourself or Ancalagon away, if you weren't going to kill him. If you were, you should've casted resistance to cut the breath damages. And you also should have been hasted, 16 speed isn't really enough for that deep :S

Good luck on next character!

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