The Angband Ladder: Breda X, Easterling Ranger by Fendell Orcbane

Posted on 17.11.2012 07:58
Last updated on 1.12.2012 14:36

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On 17.11.2012 07:58 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
So far so good. That crossbow I found is a game changer.

On 19.11.2012 11:51 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
So far so okay...I've been able to find some ego's but no game changer artifacts yet.

On 20.11.2012 03:04 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
A lot of the superb feelings have been levels full of OOD monsters and little in the way of artifacts or ego items : (

On 20.11.2012 05:30 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Finally I'm getting some good drops! I got some black dragon armor and Fosgil. Yay.

On 20.11.2012 09:54 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Holy crap that superb lvl almost killed me....OOD people everywhere...I'm glad that I had a lot of speed to help me hang in for as long as I did.

On 21.11.2012 11:41 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Finally found a good *superb* level....I ran into a green dragon pit. The best kind of dragon pit in my experience. As long as you don't get killed the dragons can't destroy any loot! Really nice find and worth stopping for. Now to kill the father of Dragons....

On 21.11.2012 21:41 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
I'm doing really well...maxed out str and Dex. My resist are decent and I have a switch for Chaos resistance. Man I HATE Chaos in this variant because it does so much damage and it can drain life as well as the other chaotic effects....I've lost characters to Petty Dwarf wizard chaos balls before fun at all. I'm debating going after the Shadow cloak...its a great thing to have..but going after it can really slow me down...hmm. What to do what to do?

On 22.11.2012 01:55 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
I decided that I was going after the Unlight cloak after all. I'm just diving fast...I'm hoping to find a darkness resist item for the Ungolaint battle along with some genocide scrolls.

On 22.11.2012 10:16 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Ungoliant is down! Honestly that was one of the easiest times I've had with her. I was +18 speed hasted and I was fully buffed for the battle. I also used trees to my advantage. Originally I planned to shoot her to death from across an empty field but I was afraid that she would summon a lot of spiders so I just took her on in close combat. She summoned once and Night stormed me once...but she never tried to heal. I on the other hand was healing every time I got below 650 hps.
Now I have telepathy : ) and good darkness resistance. Now to try and catch up to clouded : )

On 23.11.2012 04:15 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
I got a bunch of exp off a demon pit and some so so items. I was raiding a nearby castle when I hit a portal and tried to teleport back with a scroll, but I ended up in a large chamber with 15 time hounds. lucky for me only two of them breathed...I used my destruction scroll. I got nervious anwas ready for the worst....Sadly I was too low on speed potions to get back to the castle. Oh well.

On 23.11.2012 14:45 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
I didn't realize Rangers could get 6 attacks a round. I wonder if pallies can get 6? Your quiver would look ridiculous in real life, but maybe you have an ocd character and it all looks neat and orderly. Cool xbow.

On 23.11.2012 21:01 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
I was surprised by the 6 attacks too. But I think that all classes other than warriors get 6 attacks per round. Warriors end up with 8 I believe. I could be wrong. Before this comp I was trying to get a High Elf warrior up and running. BUt I only managed to run him into the ground : ( But this character is fun. I never would have played an Easterling. I'm more about the quick high Elf style of play.

On 24.11.2012 07:18 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Diving fast now. Sadly I'll never catch Psi...but I might get close to clouded. I'm playing on hard mode...I'm gonna try and keep it on until it get stupid. I'm past level 70 as I write this so I might get thru the game on hard mode...

On 28.11.2012 08:35 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
I'm still on hard mode trying to get to the bottom since the drops seem to suck around here, but its super dangerous...

On 28.11.2012 09:12 Psi wrote:
Nice progress, but what on earth is going on here:

p) a Cherry Staff of Banish Evil (?,?) (5 charges)

Powers: Renders you fearless. Provides resistance to blindness.
Induces earthquakes. Causes chaotic effects. Prevents paralysis.
Sustains your life force. Grants the ability to see invisible things.

On 28.11.2012 09:16 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
I think its a bug...I made it acid proof and then it got weird. Also whenever I use a staff of holiness I get poisoned. This version seems a bit buggy. But still playable and a lot of fun.

On 28.11.2012 09:48 Psi wrote:
I had the _Holiness poisoning too. I wondered if it was one of those effects that should only happen to the 'evil' classes like Necros and Assassins.

On 28.11.2012 09:51 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Yeah that would be good, but on the other hand the poisoning did little to no damage since my poison resistance is so high. Honestly I'm getting frustrated my my lack of a good melee weapon. I'm playing on hardmode and dealing with packs of hounds left and right...Honestly I could have went for the win sooner...if not for my lack of melee damage.

On 28.11.2012 10:20 Psi wrote:
You have more melee damage than I managed (except against Dragons/Demons right at the end). I meleed chaos hounds for the xp and destructed plasma, aether, time, tindalos etc. I used my bow on all the uniques. You don't need xp so why do you need to melee anything?

On 30.11.2012 00:59 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Finally I'm over 30 speed. Time to finish this game up : )

On 1.12.2012 14:36 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Ok I'm ready to take Morgoth down. Normally I'd scum for more speed, but time is an issue here. And even if I die I still have 3rd place. So time to get down to business. I'm bringing my bow with me so its probably going to be archery all the way. Now to fit my arrows in my pack.

On 4.12.2012 01:00 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Well I did win with this that I ran out of time...

On 4.12.2012 15:48 Roch wrote:
Post that winner on the regular ladder!

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