The Angband Ladder: Breda, Easterling Ranger by clouded

Posted on 12.11.2012 17:29
Last updated on 24.11.2012 14:51

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2. on the Competition No.131 Ladder (of 9)

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On 13.11.2012 14:45 clouded wrote:
The wilderness has grown on me. It seems more lucrative to hang around outside rather than in the dungeons, all my artefacts have been from various campsites.

On 14.11.2012 20:33 clouded wrote:
How come the rapid fire ability only work with bows, not crossbows? (Or this is what the description implies)

On 14.11.2012 20:50 Nick wrote:
It's an Angband tradition for rangers to be bow, not crossbow specialists. The idea is that using a bow is something you can become very skilful at, so you have a class largely devoted to using them, but a crossbow is something anyone can use.

On 14.11.2012 21:03 clouded wrote:
Hm I did find a long bow of accuracy, but I must have sold it. I've been using a crossbow since Easterlings have a preference for them.

On 14.11.2012 21:49 clouded wrote:
Well. Lokkak just dropped the bow of Amrod, right after I went and got the "fast attacking" for melee ability, which is apparently useless right now! Isn't that always the way it goes?

On 15.11.2012 02:25 Antoine wrote:
%s Level %d

On 15.11.2012 12:42 Nick wrote:
Antoine - yeah, I know, fixed in development.

On 16.11.2012 17:36 clouded wrote:
Had an extremely fun fight with Glaurung. Tried to melee him a bit with my Gondolin axe but holy shit he hurts, so I phased around with my bow while some other monsters caused trouble.

On 16.11.2012 17:47 clouded wrote:
Not sure what to do now. To Angband or Sauron's dungeon?

On 16.11.2012 20:48 clouded wrote:
Went to Angband and cleared a demon pit on Angband:60, got a glaive of pain from an acquirement scroll from it.

On 16.11.2012 20:50 clouded wrote:
I have +10 base speed now too, things are looking okay.

On 16.11.2012 22:18 clouded wrote:
This is pretty awesome, "nothing can go wrong now."

On 17.11.2012 02:44 Nick wrote:

On 17.11.2012 08:01 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Be careful...there are a lot of things that can teleport toward you and ruin your day. And a lot of things bore thru walls...
You are never 100% safe in FA.

On 17.11.2012 15:30 clouded wrote:

Lost several hours of playing because the game crashed

On 17.11.2012 15:33 clouded wrote:
Why doesn't the game autosave at all.......

On 18.11.2012 00:10 Nick wrote:
Ow - that sucks. You have to set autosave - it's in the options under 'x'.

On 18.11.2012 11:05 clouded wrote:
Oh well I guess, I'll set that now. Didn't find anything super game changing other than wands of TO, though I had maxed my stats by then.

The crash was: In the middle of clearing a vault, I had a full pack and tried to drop some arrows from my quiver to free up a space. I think it was like 13 seeker arrows of elec or something, after pressing *[enter] was when it crashed. Small things that may not be related, but still; I think all the spaces around me had stuff on them and I may have been standing on a door, but I don't remember.

On 18.11.2012 11:38 Nick wrote:
Thanks - that adds to the occasional other weirdnesses related to picking up or dropping with full pack.

On 18.11.2012 16:15 clouded wrote:
By the way, I've also seen pieces of high end gold types (like adamantite) that say "You have a full pack" and don't get picked up. It's possible there's some point to this, but I only ever see them far past the point where I care about money so I've never bothered to investigate.

On 19.11.2012 12:52 Nick wrote:
No, there's no point, and it's more pickup issues. Looks like pickup really needs some work.

On 19.11.2012 20:23 clouded wrote:
Not quite as world beating now, I'm taking too much damage in melee against tough stuff. My ranged damage feels pretty poor too, accuracy is a problem, not helped by rapid fire I guess.

On 20.11.2012 11:56 debo wrote:
Multiple crashes in various *bands has trained me to spam Ctrl-S whenever something good happens :)

Looking good so far!! I want to try the 'wander around the overworld for fun and profit' strategy as well!

On 20.11.2012 13:45 clouded wrote:
Yes I've started obsessively saving now.

On 20.11.2012 22:07 clouded wrote:
This mantle of shadows rod seems quite useful.

On 21.11.2012 01:15 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
40% in 3 of the base resistances would make me so nervous I'd get an ulcer. I assume you're casting some sort of resistance spell and look for monsters compulsively. Anyway, nice Glaive! All I really care about is line a) Wig Tearing Weapon? And you get a yes checkmark. Carry on.

On 21.11.2012 02:49 clouded wrote:
Yeah rangers do get resistance spells, and I am quite methodical with detection. There was some situation after I had found some artefacts (the shield and bow I currently have) that I had 0% in fire/cold/elec, it's a good thing I noticed or I probably would have wandered around for a while with it before switching body armours!

On 21.11.2012 15:51 clouded wrote:
Dived to D:99. I just found a +9 speed amulet of shadows that probably has some horrible curses I don't know yet.

I suppose I should go kill Ungoliant, perhaps Sauron too though it seems like a lot of effort to get to him.

Kind of doubt that I won't die before or fighting Morgoth, be we'll see.

On 21.11.2012 21:49 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Damn I don't know if I can catch up to went so fast. Good game man. I'm surprised that you went back for Ungoliant...and its really amazing that your turn count is so low having gone back and slain Ungoliant.

You Hps seem kinda low though...but you seem to really know what you are doing.

On 21.11.2012 23:06 clouded wrote:
Heh thanks, though I'm no legit professional, I'm just a careful player (most of the time). I went for Ungoliant because her cloak will give me more options for equipment changes, I don't need to rely on my amulet for rPois and my helm for Telepathy with it. However I don't have a way to reorganise while still having okay base resistances yet.

On 22.11.2012 01:57 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
I'm going after the cloak for the same reason...I just might carry a gondolin weapon for the res darkness...

On 22.11.2012 15:45 clouded wrote:
Reorganised my gear and it is looking pretty good. Found a +10 speed ring, unfortunately it has aggravation on it, but I suppose I will use it and see how much it affects me. With it I'm at base 20, but I could be at 15 with my other ring, which is acceptable. I managed to get good Con and maxed Wis now too, so I have much more HP and my healing spell is at 0% failure!

On 22.11.2012 15:46 clouded wrote:
So unique hunting time I guess?!?

On 22.11.2012 15:59 clouded wrote:
But of course... Something I'm wearing has teleportation prevention. Hmph

On 23.11.2012 18:31 clouded wrote:
Killed most of the uniques that I know of now, I think Ancalagon, Carcharoth and Sauron are the main ones left. Probably will give Morgoth a go soon, what are the good arrows to use against him? Does anything actually work or do you just want highly enchanted stuff?

On 23.11.2012 20:49 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Slay Evil and Holy Might should work on him. And if you have a good launcher,some *healing* or better yet *Life* potions I'd say that it might be quick. But I'd try and get as much speed as possible since Morgoth can kill you in a turn if he get an extra turn on you. which he will if you are too slow.

On 24.11.2012 14:18 clouded wrote:
Morgoth is down!

On 24.11.2012 14:23 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Nice win! Congrats!

On 24.11.2012 15:35 HallucinationMushroom wrote:

On 24.11.2012 17:38 Psi wrote:

On 24.11.2012 20:05 Nick wrote:
Good job with the slime mold juice...

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