The Angband Ladder: Turanga, Vargr Templar by buzzkill

Posted on 22.10.2012 18:41
Last updated on 22.10.2012 21:37

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49. on the Halls of Mist Ladder (of 59)
27. for this player (out of 52)


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On 22.10.2012 18:50 buzzkill wrote:
It took me three wounds to make it this far. Just picked up my first ego, the cloak of ambush, by killing Shagrat. It took everything I had and a circle of nexus to pull it off. Not sure what "+4 to ambush" is exactly.

Observed that "mighty throw" not equal to throwing accuracy. I wonder if throwing heavy weapons would be doable or worthwhile with my meager STR.

On 22.10.2012 20:44 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
+4 to ambush is actually +20 to ambush chance in percentages: very nice.

Couple of points of STR, from a goddess maybe, and your thrown damage doubles again to 4x. Berserk Strength doubles it also. But you are pretty bad at throwing skill, yes. The heaviest weapons anyone can throw effectively weigh 10 lbs.

On 22.10.2012 21:40 buzzkill wrote:
Frustration!!! Lost a few points of STR to a critter. Was unable to wield my longsword. Luckily I had a backup weapon with me, but it wasn't doing enough damage... and not suited to fencing.

I should have taken a break, instead I kept mashing keys. It's not like I didn't have escapes handy.

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