The Angband Ladder: Flashback, Elf Templar by Arjen

Posted on 30.9.2012 18:38
Last updated on 1.10.2012 10:10

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On 30.9.2012 18:38 Arjen wrote:
My new run with an elf templar. It's going great and until now I'm able to kill everything in my path. Mostly because they have a hard time hitting me. :)

But now I'm standing next to my first vault! But... how do you enter those? You have no means to dig through stuff except rubble and cutting down trees and I'm not sure if teleporting is going to work either...

On 30.9.2012 19:34 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
You should be able to just walk in. Digging shouldn't be needed anywhere. It's very possible that you've run into a bug, though! I should do some more testing with vaults.

Nice to see someone getting deep! I've only rarely been that deep myself. I've concentrated on playtesting the first half and making it fun, since most characters die there anyway. You are moving on uncharted waters. Any reports on game balance are greatly appreciated.

Your earlier character was one more proof that I need to make melee weapons more common.

On 30.9.2012 19:55 Arjen wrote:
Ive checked the whole vault and it didn't had an entrance, does it have secret door's I might didn't spot? Next time I see a vault, I'll screenshot it.

On 30.9.2012 20:14 Arjen wrote:
Ahh, the vault.txt shows doors. Next time I'll check if I can find them.

On 30.9.2012 20:39 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Nice club! Th-Whack!

On 1.10.2012 10:10 Arjen wrote:
Ok... never thought this would happen... But that huge ass club really kept me alive. But what really changed the game was ?WrathoGod and ?HolyInfusion. WoG gave me cubragol and both my weapons. (damage x2 in comparison with my latest weapon). HI gave me those *insane* gloves which kinda makes you immortal and the shield of great resses. That at least made me 10x as powerful in 5 secondes. Never found better boots or a better cloak, same could be said about the amulet. In the final fight I got Carlammas which I instantly equiped for 10% more HP. Using the memory for pack id.

Funny notes: found the healing and *healing* after the fight in the sea of items... Luckily the Duke stopped summoning after a while or else I would have died on those...

Btw he didn't drop Grond or the Crown, is that correct?

Great variant, just a little bit unbalanced with weapons. You really need to find the insane ones to survive. Because I got lucky twice I got to live. Because you can't get boni to damage by any other means than the weapons you need upgrades, found 3 in the whole game better than what wormy (dlvl 6) dropped me. And only 1 artifact weapon? Whats up with that? Artifacts are rare overal but only 1 artifact weapon in the whole game is a little bit low. Actually it's the same with every artifact I found. 1 armour, 1 shield, 2 (crappy) gloves, 1 bow, 2 helmets, 1 amulet, 1 book I never figured out. A total of 10 artifact. It became a bit of a rant, but it's just what I noticed while playing. :p

PS. as a bonus, a screenshot of a vault (on the final level).

On 1.10.2012 10:19 Arjen wrote:
Lol, I just continue for a little bit, going up to town and down in the dungeon. Just to get the message "The Duke takes over the world, you lost" Followed by the "Killed by Ripe Age" screen. Forced suicide?

On 1.10.2012 11:13 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
Oh wow, we have the first ever winner! I'll build a statue for you. :)

Great comments on game balance. I want artifacts to be rare, 10 in the whole game sounds about right. At the same time, artifacts shouldn't be too overpowering.

Weapons are clearly unbalanced. I think we need a continuous stream of good weapons. Uber-weapons need a sanity check.

Now try winning with lower Min Depth for a big score multiplier. :)

On 1.10.2012 14:19 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Congrats, man!

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