The Angband Ladder: Flash, Elf Templar by Arjen

Posted on 30.9.2012 00:39
Last updated on 30.9.2012 10:06

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On 30.9.2012 00:39 Arjen wrote:
Sorry about this Chris, but I'm playing Mist! I just loved Ey/Fay (played a lot more Ey than Fay). This really looks the same except it's totally different. You made a lot of nice new events, like making dungeon spell books actually useful if you don't need them. (Need to figure out what to do with that Artifact book....)

So after some quick reading I decided (about 15 hours ago) to be a Templar Ursa, who became after death #10 a Templar Elf (better escapes and infra). Wormy changed the game from I-hope-Wormy-is-going-to-drop-something-nice into He-did-drop-something-nice. I can win most fights atm, had to run from Shelob (heals to fast) and Draebor (res acid).

Just starting to pick up artifacts I can use and books I can burn. Gained 1 str, 2wis and +3%res until now from books! :) Also a few from unid potions I just id-chug. (Got half the recipe for !Str, fingers crossed by the next one I find).

So much to tell, but I want to go to sleep now. G'night

On 30.9.2012 10:06 Arjen wrote:
Ok, that didn't took long... No places to escape to and not enough damage to kill the summons of Adunaphel the Quiet (did manage 3 stars of his life). But you could see that comming as my best weapon was the one I found 33 dlvls earlier. Never found anything better than what Wormy dropped.

In the end everything was faster, stronger and tougher. Let's see if a restart nets me better weapons.

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