The Angband Ladder: Grind the Ax, Dwarf Warrior by HallucinationMushroom

Posted on 28.9.2012 19:34
Last updated on 28.9.2012 23:43

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On 28.9.2012 19:34 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
I've been playing the Diablo 1 soundtrack and appraching this game like I did Diablo... that is, exploring every single level and killing everything and then shoving on to the next level.

Damage output is my biggest problem. I'm using a spear I found on level 2. Wormtongue seems to rule the fate of my characters. His excellent drop decides whether I can really roll or if I have a hard time.

On 28.9.2012 22:16 Shinedog wrote:
I agree. Wormy is key. A good drop (i.e., a useful weapon -- I had Wormy drop Theoden once, and my poor rouge could barely lift it. A tunic of resist acid, and you might as well suicide. It is very hard to increase damage output (even with powder vials) to really get a character going. Maybe if there were a couple more low level uniques with excellent drops?

On 28.9.2012 23:43 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
I just couldn't hang. It started getting a bit rough at 18 or so, with me trying to kill things, but these last two levels produced summoners, ick. Well, grinding each floor clean doesn't really help! I was hoping that maybe, like in Diablo 1, I would come across at least one weapon like I did with my other decent characters... an acid branded thing, or a regular 4d6 pike.

I feel like I ought to be killing things like gangbusters, but i'm not. I'm a warrior who's not getting any wig. No wiggins makes a sad me.

On 28.9.2012 23:53 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
I had a similar thought Shinedog, about the more uniques with the more excellent drops. Where's the phat lewt?!

On 29.9.2012 08:32 Mikko Lehtinen wrote:
I think I'll make melee weapons more common. Ego items are already common, so generating more base items should help.

On 29.9.2012 20:56 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
I find plenty of regular weapons... they just don't help! Everything seems to devolve to the same base damage per round. One big hitting weapon at one attack does about the same as a medium sized weapon hitting twice as does a light weapon hitting three times. I'm not trying to complain, really... I'm just find it baffling to have a real plethora of weapon choices... it's staggering, actually, all the cool weapons... it's just... they all produce the same damage. The only regular weapon I found that made me go, HEY, different damage output, was a normal 4d6 pike. It somehow was light enough to warrant extra attacks and had good dice... but, I never see one for sale. It made me feel like an irregular exception, like, this one wasn't balanced properly against the rest of the weapons... and I've seen some doozies. Crazy stuff like 3d23?, I can't recall, but still, the same damage.

Perhaps by middle game where you get more and more attacks, (I'm assuming this happens), the 2nd attack with the big suddenly outweighs the 3 with the medium and the 4 with the light... but for now, this is my experience so far. And, I'm assuming I'm rolling strong characters... I mean, I think they ought to be. They focus on str/dex/con. I tried Ursa/Vargyr/Felpurr with less luck. The dwarves seem to be stack for noobs like me, with rblind and crucial extra escapes.

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