The Angband Ladder: Fraggle, Gnome Mage by buzzkill

Posted on 7.9.2012 03:49
Last updated on 16.9.2012 03:23

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On 7.9.2012 03:55 buzzkill wrote:
CL2. Take shaft to DL3. Immediately accosted by novice rogues. Kill novice rogue with magic missiles. Novice rogue drops dagger. Next novice rogue in line fails to pick up dagger. Kill 2nd and 3rd novice rogues with barrage of magic missiles and pick up dagger. ID dagger as Dethanc. Use Dethanc to kill off rest of previously un-killable novice rogues.

Nearly dies elsewhere on DL3 due to a horde of novice paladins casting orb of draining in an uncannily long and straight corridor. Hammer endless paladins with stinking clouds, magic missiles and Dethanc activations. Recalled with 4HP.

On 8.9.2012 02:56 buzzkill wrote:
2nd time down wasn't as productive as the first. I keep forgetting to buy the 2nd spell book. Why does the book store have to be so far from the stairs?

On 13.9.2012 02:34 buzzkill wrote:
Several more recalls and lots of sloppy play but still alive. Most go deeper and find lots of good stuff, currently I have nothing.

On 13.9.2012 02:36 buzzkill wrote:
Really tired of superb feelings leading to nothing, and why not disconnected stairs?

On 13.9.2012 06:41 Antoine wrote:
Quickband has "semi-disconnected stairs" (you'll notice the effect if you stair scum).


On 15.9.2012 02:27 buzzkill wrote:
Is there a DL 11 boss that I need to beat (y/n)?

On 15.9.2012 03:46 Antoine wrote:

On 16.9.2012 03:35 buzzkill wrote:
Well, I was worried about finishing before the time ran out. Check.

Lurtz (the guardian I presume) was quite a bit tougher than I imagined but I was doing fine until he stopped summoning and actually attacked me. That last line should read "... fires a seeker bolt (x2)". The first left me with 34 HP, which means that the second did 130 pts. of damage. Ouch! One would think that simply wearing a cloak and a crown (and nothing more) would provide better protection ;).

This was my first serious game of Quickband. I think it went rather well and was fun, though it did kinda seem that I hopped from DL 5 to DL 10 without batting an eye.

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