The Angband Ladder: Fraggle, Gnome Mage by Gorbad

Posted on 4.9.2012 05:03
Last updated on 7.9.2012 05:21

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7. on the Competition No.127 Ladder (of 12)


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On 4.9.2012 05:03 Gorbad wrote:
Found Raals! But I think I'm going way too fast, apparently the name was chosen for a reason :)

On 4.9.2012 07:21 Gorbad wrote:
Variant name that is.

On 4.9.2012 18:37 Philip wrote:
Actually, with 165 HP at level 26, fragile(which fraggle almost is) is appropriate too.

On 7.9.2012 05:21 Gorbad wrote:
Lack of RConf (and a beholder) killed me...

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